Does SEO Spyglass work instantly?

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we recently purchased a copy of SEO Spyglass and have been checking how many link backs our sites have + the quality of those links with no problems. The problem, however, is that we have been adding lots more links out there to our site but are not seeing any new results in SEO Spyglass.

Our question: As SEO Spyglass collects its data from search engines - does it take time to register a link back to your site meaning that links are not instantly visible in SEO Spyglass? Does it take the same time for links to be found as say Google finding new content on your website? If so how long will this take roughly?


If you put a link to your site on a high PR site, for example, will it instantly be recognised by SEO Spyglass?

One more questions while your here:

Is the tool 'Link Dominator' actually a good way to build links? We are considering purchasing a copy and want to know of others who have positive/negative feedback about the product.

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    SEO Spyglass does not have its own crawler. It will depend upon other crawlers such as Yahoo etc to discover the links.

    The advantage is that it would recognize your link as long as any of the many crawlers used in the tool recognizes your link. You don't have to wait for one Yahoo or one Google to discover the link that you are looking for.

    And I don't know whether it is clear to you, but I have had my own share of shock of using SEO Spyglass. It was all going good for the first 6 months, when it stopped working and I was asked to pay up further. Then I looked around on the Internet and found that it is indeed that way, and the sales page does not make it obvious (I personally found it shady). So if you are new to using SEO Spyglass then do make sure you understand its usage and payment very clearly - it is NOT a 1-time payment program contrary to what it appears to be.
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      SEOSpyglass will not find all the links. It finds most, but not all - especially if it's a new one.
      It's a good app, and works on Mac (woohoo!).

      We do SEO work for clients so it's essential in analysing the competition.
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