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I am seeing a trend where more and more people on this forum are cursing in the titles of their forum topics and in their replies. Is this the image you really want to give the forum about you? As a reader, do you really want to expect to read curse words in people's topic titles and replies? It is one thing to instinctively yell a curse word out and it is another to actually think the word and write it out.

Show some common sense and post the way you want people to perceive you. If you post like a moron then do not expect people to take your posts seriously, much less reply seriously.

Do you write like that on your affiliate marketing websites? If you do, then consider that as a problem for your low conversions. Restrain yourself from posting obscenities, if you can not hold yourself back from doing so, turn off your computer and come back later when you have better words to write. I'm not saying I am perfect and I maybe I even have done such things in the past but the problem is that it is getting to common now and it not only makes the poster look bad, but the forum as a whole as we let these postings continue.
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    I must not be reading this forum enough because I haven't noticed a single case of this lately.

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      I do a lot of reading, not only on this forum but on many affiliate sites, and I can only recall a single instance of a person using profanity (thinly masked, but profanity nonetheless). I don't see it as a pervasive problem.

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        I don't see it as a pervasive problem.
        I wouldn't say it's anything like pervasive. It is a small, persistent issue. I can see some legitimate uses, but too much of it is just used to get attention, rather than for emphasis.

        It's not as annoying to me as vague thread titles or stuff that's clearly posted in the wrong section, but still something worth mentioning.

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      Originally Posted by Johnny Slater View Post

      I must not be reading this forum enough because I haven't noticed a single case of this lately.
      I wasn't aware this was a problem either, but maybe I've just missed it. The most extreme cuss words would be blanked out by the forum software anyway.

      It does seem common for people to use "sucks" and "pissed" in their thread titles. Not sure if that's what the OP was referring to.
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      I've seen two tonight - and quite a few inside the posts, too.
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    I do agree with the OP, I view this as a forum of Internet Marketing professionals and would not expect cursing or profanity to be part of the vocabulary used within posts.

    However I'm also unaware of any recent posts that meet the criteria of having cursing in the post title - any chance of an example?

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    I have seen cursing every now and then, but I've never recalled seeing even a single instance of profanity in the titles, as far as I can remember. I've seen profanity very rarely within a post, and it was only sprinkled once or twice in the text so it wasn't hugely offensive. I think posts like that should be deleted if a moderator finds them.
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      Oscar may be referring to the rant on the front page titled "Fu** Ezine!".

      I do cuss occasionally in a thread but I also found the title to be over the top.

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    There we more but it looks like they have been deleted.
    It also looks like the filter has been updated to asterisk the entire word and not just one letter of it. It also got applied to other curse letter words. Thank you mods and admins!
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    I've only seen a few mild curse words here, it's nothing more than you would hear on TV or pretty much anywhere in public.

    Then again I am in college so maybe I'm a little jaded.
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