Anybody got a sports (American) oriented site, forum or list?

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I'm looking for ways to promote our novel. I would love to work with Warriors who have a sports oriented site, forum or list. I'm also looking for suggestions on how to promote online. That's a bit of a challenge for a work of fiction.

The book, Over Time, is available as a downloadable pdf file and hard copy that can be autographed by the authors (that's us). It's reasonably priced and it's offered through clickbank at a 50% commission.

Over Time - A story of lost loves, found glory, and business treachery. What if you could re-live your favorite National Football League memory?

You can ... the legends live on in the suspenseful novel Over Time.

I'm not trying to sell copies here. Anybody who wants one just pm me with your email addy and I'll send you a copy. A review would be nice but not necessary.

Anybody want to help?

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