Have You Seen This Idea - Page Magnetizer?

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Hey Everybody,


Here's the product that resulted from this post/discussion.

It's much more simple than the original idea, and thus more powerful - I believe.

For those of you who loved the concept, or anyone else who's curious:

Is Your Online Content Irresistibly Magnetic?


I'm always looking for ways to do things "outside the box."

With that in mind, I've developed an idea that I feel is very unique, and something you may want to take a look at.

It's not a PDF, it's not a video - I call it a "Search Book"

I've put up a demo Search Book about dogs, and I'd love to get some feedback about it.

Here's a link to try it out:

Search Automator Force


I've added some new demos. Here they are:

London Travel

As always, let me know what you think.

Thanks in advance!

#doggies #info product creation #search
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    Hey that's really cool. Did you make that yourself? Interesting concept...
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    Looks like you're really onto something. Specialized search is really the next big thing. People want specific results not millions of pages to wade through like Google offers. Good job.

    Steve Shaw
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        Thanks for the nice feedback, guys!


        Here's the idea/thinking behind it.

        Think of a physical book. Inside that book is a table of contents, with each section of that table of contents representing a focused discussion of a single aspect of the overall topic.

        For example, a book about dog breeds would likely contain a table of contents which would simply be a list of individual dog breeds (german shepherd, boxer, etc.). Flip to that section of the book to learn about that breed and see pictures of it.

        The problem with physical books is the limited scope of their content. In other words, a book can only contain so many pages, is usually written by a single expert, and the info is not only static (doesn't change) but can quickly go out of date.

        The idea behind this 'Search Book' idea is to turn that table of contents into a dynamic list so that when the user selects an item on the list, they have at their fingertips the vast resources of the entire Web to locate content about that single item - websites, articles, videos, images, Wikipedia, etc., not just the few pages of content you'll likely find in a book.

        Think of another example. Which do you think would be better: A regular print travel book about London that contained a few nice pictures and some info about each of the top 20 attractions, or a 'Search Book' (my idea) that put the names of those 20 attractions into a dynamic list that allowed users to quickly and easily discover Web sites, videos, and dynamic maps for each attraction?

        To me, there's no comparison.

        So, instead writing a book by taking a topic, breaking it into individual sections, and filling those individual sections with content yourself (very limited), my Search Book idea takes those individual sections and allows the vast resources of the Web to provide the content instead.

        Let's face it - these days, there are articles, sites, videos, etc. for virtually any single question that needs to be answered about any topic. My Search Book idea simply puts related questions together in a single list and lets the Web provide the answers/content.

        Why should I flood the Web with another ebook containing redundant content about something that's been written about and discussed already 10s, 100s, even 1000s of times already?

        All I need to do is figure out the questions people have on a topic, and point them to quality resources on the Web that provide satisfying answers. That's the purpose of my idea.

        I hope that answers your question.

        If not, let me know.

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    Wow, what a great concept!

    I would certainly like to try something like this. Good job Derek.

    Still Going Strong Since 2006!
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    Well, I'll be dog gone...that's very clever!!
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    Hi Derek,

    Brilliant and Free! Definitely worth brainstorming with your Amazing tool for those undiscovered ideas and possibilities...

    Not only "Search Book" but other outside of the box thinking on Interactive 'Topic Lists' for blogs, alerts and other areas of untapped niche creativity.

    Thank you for sharing this edition of a very cool tool that's sure to go viral! Greatly appreciated and I'm sure others will too if they get the message...
    Search Automator FORCE - Search The Web With FORCE!

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    • Profile picture of the author Ganceann
      There are definitely a lot of possibilities to develop this idea... and there are certainly ways to make it become a profitable system.

      I have had a flood of ideas just reading the basic outline you gave... I will send a pm as don't want Google picking them up and gazumping your idea before it takes off

      Will send the pm in a bit...
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      • Profile picture of the author Derek_Franklin
        Thanks so much for all the great feedback!


        As for monetizing, there are all sorts of ideas:

        * Sell access to it - like you would a PDF ebook. Create as many as you like for different topics
        * Create a site with one or more Search Books on individual pages (for different topics) and place ads for related products around the Search Book interface - kind of like what you do with articles now
        * Offer it as an awesome incentive for someone to sign up to your list
        * Create a course where each week you add more relevant keywords/keyphrases to the list, and explain how to discover the most information for each one.

        Those are just a few off the top of my head.

        These lists can contain searches for:

        * How tos
        * Top 10's
        * People
        * Places
        * FAQS
        * Historical events
        * Endless possiblities

        Just think of all the things that people write books about, then think of turning their table of contents into a searchable list.

        For example, in probably less than 10 minutes, I could probably come up with a list of searches related to Photoshop that could easily blow away any print book you might find about it.

        Remember, for every static, boring tutorial in a book, there's likely at least 10 times more interactive and dynamic tutorials online about the same thing. Online it's probably in video-form and there's a discussion board attached for support!

        How can a print book compare to that?

        Anyway, I'd love to continue hearing your thoughts!


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        • Profile picture of the author Ralf Skirr
          Hi Derek,

          just got a few ideas. Although it looks cool it still is too much search engine to me and too little book and too little monetization. Given that the search book is incorporated into a page the surrounding content (my ads) would not change according to user choices.

          But from a marketing point of view that is what I would love to see.

          A few ideas:

          I think it would be cool if the 'author' could actually add content to the 'pages'.

          Let's say you add a few pixels to the height and above the search box there would be a place where author defined content appears.


          Or make a 3 column design:
          - left: toc
          - middle and right top: author defined individual content (1 or 2 paragraphs of text over both columns)
          - middle bottom: the other search engine choices
          - right bottom: related searches and author defined affiliate links

          So for each toc entry on the left the author would provide a few sentences of intro or and / or specific ad or affiliate link or ad for own product. A good place to put affiliate links would also be below as part of the related searches.

          Having a few sentences of content would make it look less like a search engine and might help with visitor retention as they might get curious to read the content as well.

          If it had that kind of feature it is something that I would buy because it looks fresh and new and it has monetization aspects build in. If it doesn't have any content except for SE links then I find it is to close to what can be done with other se solutions.

          => Add subscription box: You might also consider adding a first and a last page where one could put his subscription box.
          => Make exe for delivery:And finally turn the whole thing into an exe that can be offered for download. Shouldn't be hard to do as there are already tools that create exes that display web content and make it look like an ebook on your hard drive.
          => Add a viral touch to it: I, author, create a search book on internet marketing. I add text and links to my products and a subscription form. Then I give it to my affiliates and they can enter their affiliate id somewhere and offer the search book for download to their list.

          Now that I would find pretty cool...

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          • Profile picture of the author Derek_Franklin
            Hey Ralf,

            Thanks for the well though-out feedback! Wow!

            I understand what you're saying about text content and affiliate links.

            My initial thought is to reiterate the idea of using all the area around application for an article, related affiliate offers, or even a opt-in box.

            The app itself isn't meant to be the *direct* source of information (where you learn/read something inside the app), but is designed to save tons of time in finding relevant content/information about a topic around the Web.

            You mention that the idea of the app only containing search engine links doesn't really offer much beyond what you can get with other tools, but I'd ask you to consider:

            * What search engine provides you an interactive list of relevant keywords related to a topic?
            * What search engine provides you one-click access to all the top content sources online for any item on the list?
            * What search engine provides real-time (as you type) related searches?
            * What search engine provides real-time related videos?

            The overriding value of this idea is the *time* it will save the user. The user *could* manually find all the content my idea provides, but it will take them at least 10 times longer.

            Not only that, but when it comes to finding content about a topic online, how many people know off the top-of-their head a list of great queries they can enter into a search engine about a topic. In addition, how many of them know about resources beyond Google, YouTube and Wikipedia?

            In my experience, when looking for information about a topic online, most people could probably come up with 3-4 related queries/searches and might try those searches on 1-2 search engines. This is so limited, and they are missing out on so much the Web has to offer.

            My idea is to expose them to a world of content they never knew existed or would have had time to discover on their own.

            Back to your input: How about this, what if you had the ability to add (affiliate) links to the list? Would that be a plus?

            Adding dynamic ads isn't as easy as doing dynamic related searches and videos. Services such as Google aren't very helpful in making something like this happen.

            As for some of your other ideas, while they're good ideas, they move beyond the simplicity I'm seeking. Creating an .exe wouldn't be difficult, but there's a whole load of support issues that go with it that just aren't appealing to me.

            Keep the feedback coming!

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            • Profile picture of the author Ralf Skirr
              Originally Posted by Derek_Franklin View Post

              My initial thought is to reiterate the idea of using all the area around application for an article, related affiliate offers, or even a opt-in box
              I understood that, only then there's the same content surrounding all 'pages' from the search book.

              I'm only looking at it from the marketing point of view. I know that's somewhat restricted but if you consider to SELL this idea or product then maybe you should too. Enthusiasm about the search advantage won't put much money in your pocket.

              So either there are features that can be monetized or it's just a nice to have gimmick. (again: only from the business pov)

              Imagine I had a search book about '13 ways to make money online'.
              My toc would go like:
              1. affiliate marketing
              2. ebay
              3. adsense

              As a marketer I want my ads to change according to what the user clicks. If he clicks ebay he sees an ad or aff link for an ebay money making product. If he clicks adsense... you get the idea.

              If the ads sit in the surrounding page that won't happen.
              Originally Posted by Derek_Franklin View Post

              My initial thought is to reiterate the idea of using all the area around application for an article, related affiliate offers, or even a opt-in box.

              Back to your input: How about this, what if you had the ability to add (affiliate) links to the list? Would that be a plus?
              Well, it's a start.

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              • Profile picture of the author EcoverGuru
                Wow, it is a great idea. I like it, and specially the video display menu on the bottom...with the length of the video as well and with ratings. Its like all information in one page, really cool idea!! Great job!

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  • Profile picture of the author Derek_Franklin
    Hey Ralf,

    Thanks for the continued feedback!

    As far a monetizing it, you seem to be stuck in thinking that the idea's value is strictly tied to monetizing individual searches (user clicks a search - an ad appears).

    As I mentioned earlier, there are other ways it can be of value:

    * Incentive to get someone to sign up to your list - like a free report
    * As a product you sell - like an ebook
    * A free utility that draws traffic to a site
    * more...

    Think of it like this: You don't get to display relevant ads when a user scrolls through different pages of a PDF, but that's OK, because the user either paid you money for the PDF, or they gave you their email to access it. Either way, the PDF was the incentive for them to do either action.

    While you can add affiliate links to the PDF, they're static and don't change based on the page the user is viewing. But PDF's are still a great way to make money. Same thing with my idea.

    When I look at your example of "13 ways of making money online", who says each individual search needs an ad tied to it? Why not place the Search Book on a page with a single ad above it for a marketing course?

    There are 1000's of lists that could be plugged into this concept - everything from hobbies to travel destinations and more.

    The thing to keep in mind would be, is the idea valuable and useful enough to the *end user* for them to either spend a bit of money to get access to it, give up their email to access it, or bookmark your site/page to return to use it?

    If you or anyone else has any other feedback, I'd love to hear it. I'm considering turning this into a WSO.

    By the way, where do live in Germany? While I live in U.S. my mother lives in a little town outside of Sinsheim, Germany. Your location says K'town. Is that Koln, Koblenz or someplace else?

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    • Profile picture of the author mjbmedia
      I dont get it, and im not dumb

      What really is the difference with Google and what youve got?

      Using your current example:-
      Ok youve given them choices by drilling down into the main topic, but if someone knows they want a labrador puppy and they are in California, they will type that into the search on google and find it, if they dont know they want a labrador puupy or theyre in California (which theres a good chance of ) then

      a) theyre not going to be even using your search book
      b) theyre unlikely to suddenly decide to buy one or look deep enough for one or whatever topic we're on, just because youre offering them the options.

      Ive seen things very similar to this online (tho not in book format but then is that really in book format? ie can it be used off line? )
      also, i guess as this is a demo its why, but it would be good if the videos matched the topic on show .

      Im not knocking your efforts, just dont really see what real use it could be while remembering its easier to get wrapped up in the emotions of something youve created yourself.
      I can think of a way it can be monetised if it took off , a very lucrative way of monetising it, but i cant say as its a pretty new strategy still in testing.


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  • Profile picture of the author Derek_Franklin
    Hey mjb,

    I appreciate your honesty.

    Actually, I've created similar tools in the past and I've heard the argument quite frequently of 'how is this different than Google'.

    I'm usually surprised at the response, because in my widdy-biddy mind, it's *totally* different.

    Google doesn't provide a pre-built set of queries, and they only return results from Google - which while great, misses a lot of useful resources on the Web.

    I get your example about someone wanting a labrador in California - sure, they would likely just do a very focused search on Google, but I think my demo would appeal to someone looking to get a new dog but not knowing which breed to pick. My idea would give them access to all the info they would need in a nice time-saving package.

    Here's another example. Someone planning a wedding would likely do a lot of research online for things like:

    wedding planning tips
    wedding invitations
    how to choose a wedding dress
    wedding reception theme ideas
    picking a good wedding photographer
    list of wedding songs
    wedding vow ideas

    How many normal searchers do you know that would be able to come up with a useful list of queries like that on their own? - and I was just getting warmed up!

    Not only that, but a Google search isn't the best place to get answers for some of those queries. There are other sources that would provide better answers.

    Once again, how many people know about sources beyond Google, YouTube, and a few other places? Not many.

    My idea is all about coming up with all the questions/queries that a person might have related to a niche/topic, giving those to them, and giving them all the resources they need to find satisfying answers to those questions.

    Does that make sense, and do you see how that's different than Google?


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  • Profile picture of the author Dontrell Lyons
    That's looks pretty impressive, I always love looking at the latest web technology! That's Interface is a breath of fresh air!

    Keep going with this idea, I would love to see what it unfolds to!
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    • Profile picture of the author mjbmedia
      Hey Derek, thanks for your great reply.

      YEh OK I see the difference, i guess its gotta be given time for you to develop more so I can see more of a difference , then I may be back to JV

      Take care and keep us informed please



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  • Profile picture of the author Ben_Curtis
    I see it! It's great the way you've pulled together all the kinds of searches in a format that is much easier to navigate than a list in Google. I can see it as the future kind of search, because every option is neatly in one box. Including the video feed is irresistible, too.
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  • Profile picture of the author Kunle Olomofe
    I have found stuff in 30 seconds using Derek's new search tool that I would never have thought to search for before and I definitely would never have found using just my favorite search tool to date i.e. google, Derek, your idea just might make that latter fact obsolete within days! Keep this up!
    Celebrity Marketing Formula - How To Quickly Become A Celebrated Authority In ANY Industry/Niche... Coming Soon.
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  • Profile picture of the author Derek_Franklin
    Hey everyone!

    I'm glad the benefits of this idea are beginning to become clear.

    For those who would like more examples, I've put up a couple new ones for everyone to try. Hopefully the new examples will drive home the power of this concept for information marketers.

    Here are the new examples:


    London Travel:
    London Travel

    As always, let me know what you think.


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