Best Wordpress upsell script/plug-in?

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Wanted to see if anyone here could steer me towards a Wordpress script or plugin that would do an upsell, one click or otherwise.

I know Digital Access pass has a one click upsell plugin. An OTO script that works with WP would be fine.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,
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  • One-click upsells are not dependent on a Wordpress plugin but rather on whether your payment processor allows one-click upsells. Or did I missunderstand your question?
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      Hey Anonymous,

      Yes, you're correct in that ultimately it's the payment processor that accommodates a 1 click upsell process, (like 1shopping cart recently added).

      What I'm looking for, more precisely, is some kind of All-in-one upsell / downsell / cross sell / OTO kind of script that will automate the tech end to maximize sales.

      Doing it manually is a PITA!

      btw, I own some of your tools - great job!


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