Writers! Could this tactic protect you from clients who refuse to pay???

by ladida
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I just finished reading another thread were a writer did work for a client and was never paid. The client took the articles, posted them immediately (had them indexed) and never submitted payment!

This gave me a thought...

What if... What if the writer, instead, wrote the articles, posted them (on a blog or something) and had them indexed first - all before giving them to the end client? The writer then deleted all traces of the article from his/her blog only after receipt of payment? How would that affect all parties involved... mainly the end client?

Just wondering.
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    That's a bad move.

    Probably best to take money upfront because I'd be pissed to know you took it upon yourself to index an article I paid you to write.
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    I would not want a writer that I hired to do that. It would be a deal breaker if I hired him for original content. Traces of content published on the web can live forever with the various caching sites and tools out there, despite your attempts to erase any trace of it.

    Instead, an iron clad agreement is what you need. Make sure that this agreement is in writing before making a single keystroke for the client.

    You set the terms. If the customer doesn't like your terms, then don't give him the privilege of being your customer.

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