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Hello fellow warrior

I have reached my limit of doing the work, which include forum/website posting, link building, directory/article submission and content writing. Taking a step back, I saw the limit of my own effort, and decided to outsource. However, I do not know how to put a price on doing the abovementioned tasks. Any warriors know of good guidelines to follow? Thanks for your tips!

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    Not exactly know what you want and how fast, but check out
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    What I am asking is, how much should I pay per, lets say 20 forum postings, or 20 links built etc when I outsource? I want to know the numbers, and I wonder if any warrior has rough guidelines for the numbers.

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      Originally Posted by falcon_warrior View Post


      What I am asking is, how much should I pay per, lets say 20 forum postings, or 20 links built etc when I outsource? I want to know the numbers, and I wonder if any warrior has rough guidelines for the numbers.

      it's all relative. if you don't like the prices you can negotiate with for hire members, there's always odesk, freelancer.com, etc. but it will take some work. i think there's now a "wanted " section on here, so you can place an ad on there and get people to negotiate you, but i'm pretty sure it costs to post there. you can take a few diffferent angles, like putting a price range you are willing to pay and say you need to test people out before committing to them, etc etc. that's what i would reccomend. hope that helps.

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    I would say to NOT use outsourcing websites, as most of them are from India and the sort, and I have seen loads of rubbish there when I bid for jobs there. I am making the shift now to this forum, and my point would be to give the job to a warrior, since we are here.
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    Hm...you can try to see some prices on Freelancer, oDesk, eLance and of course, in the
    Warriors For Hire section of the forum.
    Personally, I cannot tell you how much to spend on these things.
    See and decide yourself how important is this for you and how much you can spend on this.

    I know people that make 50 posts for 10$ and others that do the same thing for more.
    Depends on you what you want and how important is this for you.
    The best thing is to see some prices(averages) and then make a deal with a warrior(how :Elective- said)
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      One thing is very true - you get what you pay for.

      If you try to go too cheap, you will get junk-work, using junk-english.

      Unless of course you goal is to simply take someone's money once, and move on.

      On the hand if you plan on building a career, and career relationships with both customers and vendors, if you plan on creating excellence - you get what you pay for.

      Be creative. Do you have a college or junior college near you? Post ads on the local Craigslist looking for a long term independent contractor relationship with the right person. Perhaps a computer tech student. Someone looking for pizza money.

      Heck, if you are an official business, business license, DBA, all that good stuff, check out offering an official internship to such students. Then you get the work done for free, and they get an official recommendation letter to put in their resume.
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        Originally Posted by Sardent View Post

        One thing is very true - you get what you pay for.
        This is so true, thank you so much for mentioning it. Marketers outsource articles and other jobs for pennies, then wonder why they receive such low quality work.

        For articles, you should not go lower than $5-$10, unless you do not care about quality. Content is where you should expect to spend the most money when outsourcing. The other tasks can generally be done by anyone. For directory submissions, I would say you could get them done for $0.25/each. Forum/Blog comments should be about $0.50. Many people will offer discounts, however, if you purchase these services in bulk.
        KeciaHambrick.com - Blogger. Content Creator. Social Media Enthusiast.
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      I like and recommend oDesk.com. I'm sure there are other good sites.

      This will take some trial and error on your part. Look at my signature to minimize that.

      A couple of points that may help.

      Go in oDesk.com and look for a job (like you are looking for work) aimed at what you need done. See what other employers are offering for similar services.

      TIP:- Cut and paste "good" sentences from other employers. This will help you build your job post.

      When posting a job, only look for people with a 4.0 or 4.5 and above feedback score. Activity within the last 30 to 60 days.

      You can do this on oDesk without having to sign up. This will give you a feel of what to expect.

      Again, this is covered in more detail in the Quick Start Guide to Outsourcing.

      Hope this helps.

      Joe Mobley


      Follow Me on Twitter: @daVinciJoe
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    oDesk is a good outsourcing site however you have to be very picky as some people can act like they understand but in the end you might not get exactly what you wanted.

    But I suppose thats to be expected when you can find people doing work for like than 3 dollars and hour :/
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    Try us we are relatively new and would be happy to write articles for your business. prices are negotiable. contact us if you are interested
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    1. Create your system (flow)
    2. Create Training
    3. Break down on how you will be assigning these tasks
    4. Hire someone around 200+ a month for starters.
    5. You'll learn from there....

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