Hidden & Uncommon Holiday Niches....

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Ok so Im doing research on hidden, uncommon holiday niches that I can setup some Amazon Aff. Links/CJ links...

We ALL know electronics niche is probably the best...

But I want to hear from fellow warriors (or get ideas) for other unpopular niches that can be prosperous or worth the effort.

Here are a few I came up with off the top of my head:

1) Flowers
2) Employment related ebooks/software (The gift of employment)
3) Batteries (sort of in the electronic niche, but thinking of creating a dedicated blog for this)
4) Clothing Closet Hangers (people get new clothing, need hangers right?)
5) Surge protectors.. (people get new electronics)

Ill add more as I think of them...
But I'm hoping to get more great ideas from the forum.

This is kind of time sensitive...Holidays are around the corner...
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    Pet gifts. Many people consider their pets to be part of the family but I found it difficult to find much info on holiday gifts for pets. Hence my recent PLR pack.
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    Awesome Kecia!! A step ahead of me.. Pet gifts.. great one to add to this list.
    I'll be checking out your PLR's

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      Can't believe I'm spilling this on an open forum, but what the hell...

      Corporate gifts.

      Many small businesses and sales reps buy gifts for their customers and clients. They don't skimp, and they buy a number of the same item.

      That's as far as I'll go. If you want to know what kind of gifts, ask your insurance guy or anyone you know that works in a small office. Particularly if they buy or approve stuff for the company...
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    Whoa John.. Wish I can thank you more then once on this forum.

    Thats a real clever idea... I knew this thread would produce some real creative ideas.. you def. just blew my ideas out of the water..

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    winter/cold related products. snowblowers/gloves/window scrapers/space heaters/ obviously for midwest to eastern states, but I know every year i go in search of some cool "beat the cold" type products, like the mit you wear that has the window ice scraper built into it, love that thing!
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