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This idea just came to me. I'm actually going to complete this exercise for the next week or so myself.


People talk about how most newbies fail because of their lack of commitment. I say, it's normal not to want to commit UNTIL you know that what you're committing to is what you want. Until that happens the grass may always seem greener on the other side.

In the real world, most would never marry the first person they date because - until they get a feel for what a good and bad relationship is like how would they know which one they're in? Right?! A bit of a leap, I know, but my point is, it's okay to give yourself permission to "fool around" with various ideas, as long as you know THAT'S what you're doing (research). Once you've purposefully researched a number of options you should - at some point - become confident enough in one option to fully commit to it for the long hall - without all the "grass is greener" mind warp that happens to a lot of people.

With all that said, here it is... The Challenge/Exercise!!!
(wondering how many people catch the irony...:rolleyes

Everyday, for the next 7 days or so - whatever you decide - outline a plan to make X amount of money within X amount of days. For example, "Make 10k in 30 Days." Each day after you've gone thread diving and immersed yourself in the good information shared on these threads, take it one step further and outline a plan of action based on the concepts you've learned. Also, incorporate the full scale of your knowledge to this point.

My reasoning...

I think this is a good exercise because it forces your mind out of passive learner and into that of critical thinker. Also, they say the best way to learn is to teach... This is what teachers do before school ever starts. Before they give the information they have to package the information in a way that makes sense and in a way that works. Above all... THEY HAVE TO UNDERSTAND the information in order to do so!

Btw, these outlines are not meant to be shared with anyone but yourself. The goal of these outlines is simply to:
  • Get your mental juices flowing and connect the dots in your learning.
  • Give yourself permission to fully research the various avenues to success in IM BEFORE you commit to one.

PS. I think anyone (newbie or veteran) can benefit from doing this. For those looking to build upon their business, you can follow the same steps to play around with different ideas and how they potentially could be applied to your current business model.

PPS. The outline need not be long at all... just long enough to get you to your specified end goal.
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    I think newbies fail by setting the bar too high. And by giving up too soon.

    I consider myself a newbie because; the only money I've made online is on mturk, I bought my first making money online course 3 weeks ago, and I discovered this forum 1 week ago.

    That being said, I've been inventorying my skills that apply to IM. Skills that I had before I bought the course I'm working off of, some of these skills/experience/tools are:

    I've been trying to figure out how to make money online, (pretty much everyday) for over a year.
    I can write reasonably well.
    I have some offline sales experience.
    I can copy and paste code without any hesitation; and even, to some degree, parse code.
    I have approximately 10 blogs (enough, that I'm not sure how many I have).
    I have adsense, adwords, Amazon affiliate, and many other useful accounts.
    I have a blog that (at least at one time) ranked number one for its title.
    I've been running Linux on the desktop for 6 years and have run an advanced variation/distrubution (Archlinux) = I am a power user.
    I have made a sale through Amazon (only one).
    I have a rudimentary understanding of SEO.

    I've had a lot of little successes, but if my standard for success was making a living online, I would be a miserable failure.

    I think it's highly likely that this month I will begin making a steady income, and I will be able to say that I went from $0 - $XX in one month.

    That would be deceptive. I wanted to make a living online when I first picked up a computer 7 years ago, and most of what I've been doing since then has been toward that goal. Many skills I learned before that also apply.

    Having the goal of making a living online is a good one, but it's vital to have successes along the way. It's important to set achievable targets that will build the skills you need to reach that goal. Nothing succeeds like success.

    P.S. You don't need to learn Linux, but if you're going to make a living using a computer, it would behoove you to have decent computer skills.
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