How Do I submit to a "Themed" Aggregator (PING the top sites)?

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Here's what I'm trying to do:

If you go to or etc.
when these sites put up a new listing it automatically
gets listed on a number of sites from google to zillow
to trulia etc.

I'm assuming that they simply have their rss feeds pinged
to a few or maybe just one main aggreagator that sends
their new listings to all of these sites.

I kinda have a grasp on pining and aggregators but it's
new to me.

Do you think they have their own aggregator set up
like building one on yahoo pipes or is there a simpler
way to do this by finding the main aggregator to
feed to all these sites?

If so, does anyone have any ideas on how to find this
or search for it. Maybe in the code?

I don't know, any ideas will be appreciated, THX!

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    This bring up another question...

    If I do find the "main" aggregator to feed to all these top sites
    it should "filter" down to the lesser know sites.

    Is this all I should do?

    In other words, should I spend time seeking out other aggregators
    to ping to?

    Should I only choose sites that have the same theme (real estate)
    to ping to or should I ping to everything I can find? (any downside?)

    I'm thinking if it gets me more traffic to the site then my clients
    (home sellers) [I'm not a realtor by the way]
    will be better served.

    Looking forward to any ideas you may have for me, thx.

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