any sureshot ways to earn money online

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hi, can anyone help me with any sureshot ways to earn online money..
i can slog like a donkey but not ready to pay a dime... so please help
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    Slog like a donkey, eh? I don't think I've heard that one before.

    Well, the common, entry-level newbie stuff is typically promoting ClickBank products via free traffic methods (forums, articles, videos, etc). Of course, you don't have to follow the standard approach; you can promote for Amazon or even create your own product.

    The simplest approach would be to get a domain and hosting. These two are MUST HAVES. If you can't afford those two things, you have two options: working for money until you can buy them (such as writing articles, backlink services, etc) or you can start with a Blogspot blog. I'd suggest the former.

    After that, pick a product, create a squeeze page to build a list, and get promoting! I'll stop now before I start beating a dead horse, as this stuff has been explained into the ground for years now.

    Good luck, though.
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    Most overall methods are "sureshot" if you work them correctly and consistently.

    Article marketing works; SEO works; AdSense works; Clickbank products can and do sell; the money really is in the mailing list, but you can earn money without one; Amazon Associates converts like crazy; bla bla, yadda yadda.

    It really isn't a question of what works: it's a question of what you make work. And chances are, if you're not making anything online yet, you're new to the game, and would do well to pick a single overall method (such as Clickbank prodcuct affiliating), learn it inside out, and stick with it unitl you're earning some good coinage.

    Know that people are making good money from pretty much every method/system imaginable. If you're struggling to make money, it's probably because of a mistake (or series of mistakes) you are making.

    A lot of people come close to earning good money with whatever method they choose but they wouldn't know it. They often make silly, petty mistakes, lose faith and jump ship for "greener pastures", only to have to start all over again. The cycle, for them, can continue indefinitely, until they throw in the towel altogether. Don't be another statistic.

    By the way, you can earn money without investing a single penny. You can use free domain(s) or subdomains, free hosting, etc ... but it's not recommended.

    Suppose you spend 2 months working your chosen business model and then start seeing some good income flowing in. Do you really want to have your business rely the existence and/or provision of a set of free (and often sub-par) services, and a domain you don't and can't control? If you're smart, the answer is: no.

    So then you'd probably have to start over from the beginning ... and that's not a very nice experience, when you could've avoided it by paying a few measly dollars and done it right the first time.

    Have a look around at different "business models" ... think about the work involved (backlinking? writing articles? building a list? copywriting?) and how compatible your existing skills are (or your desire to learn them is) to what is required of you.

    Once you've chosen a method you want to work, stick with it. Seek out the real, solid information/advice from those who are already successful with that business model. What works for them should work for you, too.
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    Send me $100 in paypal and I guarantee you will earn $75 (I will pay you back the $75), so you are guaranteed to earn $75.

    If you don't like that method, the only sure other 100% guaranteed method is to click your ar$$ away at reputable Pay-To-Click sites like Clicksia, Incentria,etc.... but you will only probably earn $1-2 after a month. But it's 'guaranteed', so that's not too bad after all eh?
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    The most sureshot way would be to offer your services as a writer/ designer or something and earn cash like that. That will give you the money you'll need while you're learning more about the other methods above and deciding exactly what YOU want to do, as we're all different and we all have different strengths.
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    Nothing in this life is sureshot, only the fact that you will die one day.

    Having said that, certain things work better than others. Depends on your skills.
    Time of thinking is over.
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    If you REALLY need the money, you can do some freelancing on for $5 a gig. Depending on your skills, you could earn a decent income. Then you can move on to sites like , and and become a more established freelancer.

    Have your PPC campaigns managed by a true PRO! I have managed/supported multi-national campaigns for Microsoft, Unilever, Hyundai & more. Bring all my knowledge & expertise to YOUR business!

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      You get paid for taking surveys.

      But there are a couple things you should know:

      1. there are two types of offers completely free and trial offers

      free offers cost you nothing

      trial offers require a credit card to do but if you cancel before the trial ends you won't be charged

      2. you're going to want to get a new email address because of the fact you're getting paid for these surveys the advertisers will start flooding you with advertisements.

      good luck
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    become a member of iStockPhoto and submit photos, audio, or video clips to them and allow people to download and use your media. you get paid every time someone downloads your media. Pretty sure shot as long as you get accepted to istockphoto and submit good stuff that is being searched for.

    Start your own Video Sharing Website at

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