How to create a power point video?

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I've created some slides in Power Point (7 in total) that I'd like to make into a video to upload to Youtube. Can anyone help me with how to do it please?
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    Try using screen capture software. CamStudio is free.

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    If it's fairly short (and it sounds like it is, since you say it's only 7 slides), you could use Jing Project which is very simple to use. You're limited to 5 minutes, but that should be more than sufficient especially if this is meant to be a Youtube video.

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      I'm using CamStudio right now. It's free and pretty easy to use. Play around with it a bit and see if you like it.
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    Alternatively, you can also convert powerpoint to
    video. There are numerous tools that help you do it:

    powerpoint to video - Google Search

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    If you want a free option download jing (

    1. Open up each page of your powerpoint slide in full screen
    2. 'take a picture' of your screen with jing (its really easy to use!)
    3. Save the pic
    4. Import it to Windows movie maker (comes standard with most computers)
    5. Play around with your timing etc and you can even add voice overs or music
    6. When your done push publish and then upload to youtube

    The great thing is its once you have done it once you will see it is so easy! plus doesn't have any time limits etc... youtube is your only limit.

    Hope that helps but let me know if you need anymore info!


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      Hi Alice,
      I use Cam Studio to convert my Power Point into videos. It is very easy to use so in just a few minutes you will be up to speed.

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