What is a JV manager?

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I have never truly understood what a "JV manager" for product launches are.

If someone would mind explaining, that'd be awesome.

Also, how much do they cost?
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    A JV manager would usually take care of finding partners for a particular product launch or person.

    His job is to network and create relationships more than anything in my opinion, so that when the times comes for these network to be used, the other person are 'ready'.

    In terms of cost, I have no idea.
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    It'd really be called an affiliate manager. That person is an important dude. Responsible for finding affiliates, getting them to participate and tracking all the results. Very important position.

    Cost is relative. A good one will cost a lot. But would also be worth it. Some have a full time affiliate manager on staff.

    I don't say this to be mean, really. If you're not sure what an affiliate manager is, you may not be ready for a product launch.

    And seriously I am not saying that to be a jerk. I've seen people get in way over their heads (guilty as charged) by trying to do a product launch before they were ready to.

    Mike Brooks
    Affiliate/JV Manager for Job Crusher

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      Thanks Kevin.

      Mike - Appreciate the honesty. I had a basic understanding of what JV managers were, I just wanted to know like the "exact" definition of one.

      Do they charge upfront payments? Or do they want a % of the profits made?
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    I can't comment on what they charge as I've not hired one yet. Been managing it myself.

    You may want to check out the JV section of the forum or the Warriors for hire section to get better insight.

    Mike Brooks
    Affiliate/JV Manager for Job Crusher

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    I've seen people doing just clerical stuff being
    called JV managers.

    That said, a good JV manager should be someone
    who can get out there and build your business. For
    that kind of position I'd pay them fixed + bonus on
    affiliates he can bring.

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