Is there a way to do this with Wordpress blogs?

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Warriors, let's say I setup a blog "template" with all the plugins, themes, pages, etc. I want in a standard blog/website. Then, if I want to create multiple niche sites with this SAME setup, is there a way to upload it all in one shot to the new domains?

I hope I'm making sense.

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    It can't do that out of the box, but it could probably be done with a WP Plugin. There'd be stuff you'd have to do manually like activating the plugins and placing the widgets. Otherwise what you've requested seems perfectly doable just not out of the box.
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    You can use the original kubrick theme and parse code from your existing website into it to make a blog that looks the way you want. It's pretty simple and it offers unlimited flexibility. Once you do it you can save the theme and upload it to any wordpress site.

    Here's a video on how to do it, I hope it helps.
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      I think Backup Buddy will work. Has anyone used this for what I'm trying to do?
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        Check out WPTwin. The video on the site shows you how it works.
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      Originally Posted by James Harrison View Post

      You can use the original kubrick theme
      You are little bit behind...

      The kubrick is no longer the default theme. Plus, the OP wasn't about the theme... it was about "multiplying" the setup of a blog into others.

      To the OP:
      WP 3.0 has the tools for it if you use a plugin that exports the settings of themes, plugins, blog.

      And there are dofferent scripts for it, too - as it was posted.

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    I think Jason Fladien's WP Twin can do that without any problem. Your WP site will be fully cloned including the database.. Literally anything!

    Hope that helps.

    Aiden Chong
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      If you don't mind working with Databases & FTP you could also try...

      How To Clone A WordPress Blog In Under Ten Minutes

      In step 3 you'd actually want to back up the old database (the one you'll be making the clones from)

      In the video he "rushes" through the process which can kinda makes it seem more confusing than it actually is.

      In case you need more visuals for the database backup part you can check out...

      MySQL Tutorial - MySQL Export - How to backup and restore your MySQL database

      Basically the process is...

      Part One-Make your "template" files
      1. create your perfect "template" blog
      2. download all it's wp files as your new "wp install files"
      3. "export" the settings from the old/"template" database
      Part Two-Prepare your new site
      1. create a new database and user
      2. edit your wp-config.php file with the new database & user info
      3. add two lines of text to the wp-config.file and customize with your site address
      Part Three-Upload your new site
      1. upload your wp files to your new site
      2. "import" your old database files into the new database
      3. check your domain to see if it installed correctly

      I just successfully moved a WP blog from one host to another with these instruction. For some, it may seem daunting. But once you've gone through it once or twice it's easy.

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    its definitely good to know how to do manually, but WPtwin makes it so easy, I havent heard anything really negative about it yet

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    Yes you can do this with PHPmyAdmin in your cpanel.. You need to export the database and import into the database into your other sites PHPmyAdmin..

    Its pretty complicated...

    Save youself the hassle and get WPTwin - fantastic software..
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      Have you tried Blogzapper - allows you to create backups with a simple set of php files

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