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this product im promoting on clickbank pays per hop (does this mean per click), I always thought it meant per click, anyway, I got 17 clicks yesterday and and 5 clicks today and didn't see my earnings increase.

should have 110 dollars from these
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    Per hop is the same as per click, but it's not guaranteed earnings. The people still need to convert before you'll get paid.
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    but will i still get paid for the click?
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      Originally Posted by scott33 View Post

      but will i still get paid for the click?
      No, you don't get paid for the click.

      You get paid IF the click results in a sale.

      The per click number you are seeing is most likely an average earning per click - for example, the product pays $1.00 per sale, and 1 out of every 2 visitors buys. That's 50% conversion (1 out of 2 visitors) and so 50% * $1.00 commission equals .50 cents per click on average.

      The other click doesn't get paid squat. Sorry.

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    oh, if you look on blogging to the banks affiliate page they say they pay out per click, thats a bit misleading
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    • CPA offers will pay per click but clickbank products have to be bought.
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