All of my tweets have been deleted!

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I just checked my Twitter accounts this morning like I always do because I have blogs that I like being automatically tweeted to my accounts (I'm guessing this is why my tweets were deleted), and I noticed that all of my tweets on two of my Twitter accounts have been deleted! I had probably upwards of 15,000 tweets on one and around the same on the other, and now it says 25 for one and 525 for the other. On the one that says 25 tweets, it only shows the two tweets that I made this morning thanking others for the retweets.

And then I checked out Mike Filsaime's Twitter account, who has 43k+ followers, and it says that he has only tweeted once, but it shows all of his tweets. Is anyone else experiencing crazy stuff on Twitter?

At first I thought it was a Twitter slap (similar to the Google slap), but now that I look at Mike Filsaime's account, I'm not so sure.

I understand it could be because of the automated tweeting of the blogs, but I would think that Twitter would just go to that service and shut them down. They've done that with other services like automatically unfollowing people who follow you. Twitter no longer allows other companies to offer that service.

Is this just something temporary, or did I seriously lose all of my Tweets and I should count myself lucky that I still have my followers and account intact?
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    Tragic ... the case of the missing tweets.
    lol. Sorry ... have a hard time taking missing tweets very seriously.
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      Twitter does seem to have these bizarre glitches now and then. It's probably something temporary.
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    I'm not twitterpated about the service at all.
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    Hmmm... I have all my tweets, but I dont do any automated tweeting and really only send one out once or twice a week.

    Did your tweets get you traffic/earn you money?

    I don't know why you would care about old tweets? I mean isn't twitter supposed to be about what is happening now?

    Gone Fishing
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      Yes, Cashcow, my tweets have definitely gotten me traffic and earned me money. I even just recently helped a girl who was stuck in Thailand with no money raise $3000 in a little over one week to get her and her 2 yr old daughter back to the US when they have been trying to get back for THREE YEARS. She recently threw a video up on YouTube telling her story, I found it being featured on a friend's channel, and then I promoted the heck out of it on Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, and my blog. I tracked the clicks that I got on Twitter, and they were substancial. Social media is amazing if you know how to use it.
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    OK. I've had Twitter glitches before, but not like this. And again, it's not just that some tweets are missing, ALL of them are. Hard to give value with no content. Sure, I'll always be tweeting new valuable content in the future, but having all of those tweets gives credibility, because they can go through the tweets and see that you provide valuable content and decide to follow you. And if you have been doing it for the past two years like I have, that's all the more credibility. But now I have to rebuild it, if, in fact, this is not a glich. And if it's not a glich, then it would be nice to get an email from Twitter telling me why it happened so I can avoid it from happening again, even if it's an automated email. Something. But if they are like Google, then I won't expect to hear from them.

    No worries. I'll just rebuild it again. And if it turns out to be a glich, I'll let you guys know.

    If anyone else has had similar experience, please post. I'd love to know.
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    Originally Posted by BBCMember View Post

    Twitter accounts
    You have more than one?
    automatically tweeted to my accounts
    Automatically posting?

    You got caught spamming.
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      Originally Posted by cbpayne View Post

      You have more than one?
      Of course I have more than one. Aren't you in multiple niches? If you have one account trying to speak to everyone, you're speaking to no one. You need to narrow your niche and only speak to those people.

      Automatically posting? You got caught spamming.
      Beg to differ. Spamming is just promoting the same thing over and over again trying to get people to buy something. All of the tweets that I tweeted were promoting blog posts on very popular blogs that give very valuable free content and have nothing for sale. Spam has a blatant commercial intention. My intention was just to give valuable info to my followers to help their online businesses thrive, which it obviously did seeing I build a following of almost 11000. No one continues to follow a spammer.
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    I have a friend on Twitter who has 18,000 followers. He has 64 tweets as of right now. Yeah, something is going on with their database.
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    Thanks, Jason. Much appreciated.
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    Once my follower count reached close to 10,000, it started subtracting followers every time someone should have been added.

    So each time I go to my account I have less and less people even though there are more and more following.

    This is a known issue and their support department has it on a low priority.

    If you go to Twitter's help page and look up troubleshooting, you will see a page long list of different "known issue" problems with most of them being a "low priority".

    They have put most of these at low priority because they say that they have bigger problems right now.

    After looking through their list of low priority issues, it makes me wonder what the "bigger" problems are.
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    Yeah, no kidding. Good to know. Thanks, Matt.
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    Thanks, Ivan. I just got my tweets back on one of the accounts. I was off a little bit on the number of tweets. It was over 32,000 tweets, which is over a couple of years. However, on that same account, the number of followers stays the same, but every day I email notification of about 20 new followers. It's been like that for a while. Weird.

    On my other account, I still have yet to get my tweets back. It even got to 67 tweets (how many tweets I have tweeted) from zero, but then went back down to 40 tweets. Bizarre and annoying. I hope Twitter gets their priorities straight soon.
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    I've logged in to Twitter at times and it would show I didn't even have an account anymore. Other times it would show I had no tweets or no followers. Twitter seems to glitch a lot. When I log in (or try to) and see a glitch like these, I just refresh or come back later.

    WAHM Daily -

    Working from home, work at home moms, make money online, internet marketing, PLR content
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    I don't understand how getting prior tweets back on your counter should be their priority?? Those tweets are long-past tweeted. They'll be back on the counter, to be sure. Technical difficulties happen. Your tweets likely still exist in the nether realms of Twitter's bloated databases. If it's just the numbers that are off, that's not a huge deal, short-term.
    Regarding Free Services, enjoy and move on; be forgiving of occasional glitches and understand that YOUR priority is not THEIR priority (namely: keep current services running)
    Support a Warrior, Save Money!
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    Glad they are listening to some of us.

    Btw, they are known glitches and they want to hear from those of us who are experiencing them.

    There are two known issues that I am dealing with, as I stated above. Here are the links to where you can get some help if you're experiencing the same issues.

    Missing tweets from your account?
    Twitter Help Center

    Missing followers?
    Twitter Help Center

    You can also go to Support (Support) on Twitter and check out what they are posting with regard to known issues. You can also tweet to that account (@support), although I'm not sure if they are able to monitor that efficiently since there are millions and millions of users.

    dv8domainsDotCom Customer service should be every business's priority, free service or not. Deliver what you promise, otherwise don't promise it. Facebook is a free service as well, but what do you think would happen if they did not stay on top of the issues that happen? They would lose tons of users like MySpace did. MySpace always had tons of errors, which is why I never really used it. The only reason people used it, was because everyone else used it. I knew some service like Facebook would come along and completely take over by having a better product and better customer service. It was only a matter of time.

    My tweets are not back on the counter yet. I've had glitches before, and this has been going on too long to be a giltch. A glitch usually lasts a few hours...a day at most. That's why @support told those of us who are experiencing these issues to speak up. At least they are proactively doing something about it. That definitely means something to those of us who are experiencing these issues.

    Past tweets do mean something. Some people like to go through your tweets to see what you have been tweeting about to see if you are worth following. They can also see who you have been tweeting to. And if you posted something of great value, then they can still access it. Saying past tweets don't matter is like saying past blog posts don't matter. Say that to Steve Pavlina who is making at least $40k per month on his blog where most of his most popular posts were written and posted 5 years ago.
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    Saying past tweets don't matter is like saying past blog posts don't matter.
    I wasn't saying that past tweets don't matter. As it happens, I keep a copy of all my Tweets and archive that copy weekly (on my computer).

    In the near future, I'll start recycling selected tweets; eg, I'll add graphics, voice and music for a video.

    I wasn't too concerned that Twitter overstated the number of tweets, as it appears on my home page. As mentioned, they have now amended that number and are reporting it correctly.

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      I was wondering the same thing...

      I had about 2.5k tweets (I think) and suddenly, there were only 6. Total!

      I also noticed that the number of retweets and other such stuff has gone down -- when I look at that part of my Twitter account, I only get a handful. I used to be able to scroll down and down and get a ton.

      I hope it's a glitch, and I have NOT archived my tweets, whcih maybe I should...

      But I just checked, and my tweets are BACK! There are 2,538 now, soon to be more ;-)


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      Originally Posted by vicone View Post

      I wasn't saying that past tweets don't matter.
      Actually, my comment about that was not directed at you. It was for dv8domainsDotCom regarding the comment:

      I don't understand how getting prior tweets back on your counter should be their priority?? Those tweets are long-past tweeted.
      Actually the last three paragraphs of my previous post were answering dv8domainsDotCom's comments, so dv8domainsDotCom should feel special.

      Glad your issue was fixed so fast, Elizabeth. Mine have still not been fixed.

      SuccessBlogsUK, I agree. It's the price Twitter is paying for its astounding success.
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    I just think that as Twitter gets more popular they're having trouble meeting demand. But I agree it's a bit scary when you log in and find your tweets have disappeared.
    Offline marketer and trainer, learning online marketing from this forum. Happy to give back any way I can.
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    Just another weird Twitter event. Please don't let this bother or upset you. I am hopeful everything will get straightened out.

    Chief Executive Officer
    Best Designed Blogs
    Based in Canada and the USA
    None of our work is outsourced

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    I agree about the technical glitches since they get too much traffic and data interaction so systems may have this slight problems. I didn't experience the same problem but the whale appears more than once when I try to access my account.

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