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Hello Warriors,

I'm really new in internet marketing. I have noticed that for some time now I have been getting any sales.

I really would like to know a way I can Encrypt My HopLinks.

Thanks for helping out...
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  • hello there, if you would like easy software to use I use affiliate cloner which I find very fast and easy to use and reliable, above all things.

    you simply put your affiliate link in one spot, then what the page goes to after clicking the affiliate link, the full url, and then you save the html file on your computer and upload it (i usually upload it in a recommends folder so the link looks like this)




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    If by encrypt you mean cloaking, then you have a couple options. The easiest would be to use a URL shortener (such as http://goo.gl or TinyURL.com - shorten that long URL into a tiny URL). This will effectively hide where the user will be clicking to until they get to the destination. The other option would be with a PHP redirect script (it's very simple).

    Let's say you have your affiliate link (www.affiliatelink.com), and you want to cloak it. Create a new PHP file (name it whatever you want, like "redirect.php" for example). Inside that PHP file add the following code:

    <?php header("Location: http://www.affiliatelink.com"); ?>

    Save it, and you're done. Obviously, change the URL to where you want it to go, but from now on whenever someone goes to "redirect.php", it'll send them to affiliatelink.com.

    I hope that helps.
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    What you're looking for is something called a 'meta-refresh'. Basically it's a bit of simple HTML code that will automatically redirect the page to some URL. Here's what it looks like,so what you're going to do:

    Step 1. replace 'http://www.google.com' with whatever your affiliate links is.(keep the single quotes)
    Step 2. Save-as index.html
    Step 3. Create folder that describes the link, but for the sake of example I'll say the folder's name is 'offer'
    Step 4. place 'index.html' in the offer folder, zip it up, and upload it to your hosting account.

    Now when you go to yourSite.com/offer/, and huzzah you've landed at your affiliate link's destination. Assuming you've done everything correctly that is.
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    Thanks a lot for the help...

    Redirecting an affiliate link into a domain name, is it a way of cloaking as well...

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