How EVERY Warrior can profit from "Warrior Banners"

by drmani
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I've been lucky to try out the Warrior Banners offer in the first round.

But I've also seen some Warriors say they've developed "banner blindness"
or completely ignore banners for various reasons.

As cryptic as ever was Admin's remark on this: "If only people could see
what I'm seeing..."

After 24 hours of having my banner ad run, I know exactly what he means

Unfortunately, there are only 10 or 15 slots that rotate - and they begin
and end randomly. Getting your ad into the rotation is getting LUCKY.

Also, it will cost you $100 a day.

What if you can't afford it? Or miss out coz someone else got lucky?

Here's how EVERYONE can profit from Warrior banners. I learned this first
from John Reese many years ago, apropos of Google Adwords advertising.

Do this:

* COPY the banner ads that run on top of the page. Save the ad copy and/or
the image file to your hard drive.

Browse the forum discussions, and do it for each of the 10 or 15 ads that
rotate (you could also sit and refresh the same page, but that's such a

* Then STUDY the copy. Almost every advertiser I've seen posting about it
has had a POSITIVE return on that $100 investment... which means these
banners bring SALES when displayed to the right audience.

Now do the same for the following couple of weeks. See if any of the ads
are repeating over many days (which means the advertisers are renewing
their $100 a day ad buy). Take special note of those ads.

* Also, click on the ads and study the OFFERS they point to. Carefully.
At the end of this exercise, you'll have a TREASURE-TROVE of tested and
proven banner ads, a collection of winning copy, a set of offers that
work to pull in at least $100 a day in profit... and you get it all for

What you do with this knowledge in your own business is up to you - but
surely YOU can turn it into $100 a day cash streams in YOUR business?!

Hope this helps.

All success
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