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I have a client in a city who is in the home remodeling business. I did a search in google keywords tool and found zero results for home remodeling his city.

I do the same search in google and there are local results that are coming up but does that mean no one is searching for them anyways?

What do you do, tell the client that there are no searches in your city for your type of business???

I find it hard to believe.


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    Hey Craig,

    I find with local searches that it is very hard to rely on a keyword tool like Google for example.

    People are searching locally, you just need to use common sense a little. I have many sites, and many client sites that offer zero or very little search results on Googles keyword tool, but all generate enquiries weekly, some of them daily!

    With these sites, I put myself in the customers shoes, what would I type in if I needed a plumber for example? or, if I was in need of someone to come and landscape my front lawns, and I was to use Google to find them, what would I likely type in?

    If you can work this out, then you will find the keywords that are generating enquiries even when they appear to be zero hitters on a keyword tool.

    I know from experience, with both my own sites, rental sites, lead generating sites and client sites!

    In all of these cases I haven't mentioned anything about searches on search engines, I just talk about enquiries, this is what matters!

    Hope that helps,

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    Try different key words, such as kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, or just remodeling. I have a remodeling business client, and you're right. Some cities don't have much in the way of search results for certain terms. However, that means you can get a really good spot on local search. For remodelers, a small number of searches can bring in some really good jobs.
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    You might also substituting in some of the larger cities when trying to find keywords.

    For example, if you're looking for "Smalltown kitchen remodeling" and getting no result, try "New York kitchen remodeling" or "Houston kitchen remodeling," etc. You will then probably get more results, and you can maybe get an idea for what people in Smalltown are searching for even though their results don't show up.

    So if you type in "new york kitchen remodeling" you might get similar suggested results like "new york kitchen cabinets," so you could assume that "smalltown kitchen cabinets" is probably a keyword you would want to go for even though it isn't generating results in the keyword tool.
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