Is There A Legit Way To Fund A Review Site?

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Hello My Friends:

I built a review site for home generation projects. I really tried my best to be fair but I cannot find a way to fund it without using affiliate marketing. This make a serious conflict of interest, I realize, but I don't know how to do it otherwise and make any income to keep it up.

Is there a way to fund these things (and make a little money) without being a con job.

I really did the best I could, but I realize the appearance is still there.

Thanks, I am a newbie, obviously.

I will list the site here and would appreciate any comments on it. Anything at all.



Home Power Generation - Assessment of Home Power Generation Products.
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    There's not much point in having a site if you can't monetize it. Most people use Adsense and often their Amazon affiliate link on sites like yours.
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      If you've actually written thoughtful, informative reviews that honestly weigh the pros and cons of various products, you're miles ahead of most review sites. Don't feel bad about putting in affiliate links - you've earned your money.
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      I'm not really sure what you mean. You have a review site... what are you reviewing and where is the conflict of interest in monetizing it with affiliate products?... or even your own products?
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