The "secret" to going from a few bucks a month to full time online marketer

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I've been an entrepreneur doing online marketing in one way or another for the last 3 years.

I've been through multiple highs and lows. At one point I was making $15,000 a month working just 2 hours a week, and at another point I was working 15 hours a day and barely making $1000 a month.

I've had booming periods where I made a bunch of money, and then I didn't make a dime for the next 12 months. It's an up and down game, but I wouldnt trade it for anything.

If you're struggling to get going or you're at the point where you feel like giving up, here's a few of my biggest tips that should help you...

1. Everyone who is a "big shot" has been in your shoes...

Out of all the guys I know doing 6 & 7 figures none of them were in good situations when they started. They weren't rich, or sitting on a $50k marketing budget. Just like I did, they all hustled their way to make some money, and then once something was working they continued to leverage that.

Always remember if you have something that is working consistently and you just don't have the money to expand, there's hundreds of marketers who would be willing to invest in your business.

If you came to me and showed me how you're getting a 70% ROI on an ad buy for 3 straight months, but you don't have the cash flow to spend any more than $100 a day - I would gladly invest some money in your business so that you could leverage what you have.

Don't let the fact that you don't have any money get in the way. Get really good at SEO and build up a little business that you can scale!

2. Your Friends & Family Will Be The Most Negative People When It Comes To Your Business

This was an eye opener when I first got my business going. I had just graduated college at Ohio State, and decided to give it a go full time. I was making about $500 per month at the time, but I figured with a little more focus I could do $2000 a month and scrape by on that.

My family and friends were the MOST critical of my decision. They couldn't believe I wasn't getting a "real job" . I had to hear stuff all the time from people who were literally upset that I didnt have a real job.

Part of this stems from jealousy - part of it stems from the fact that the people closest to you can't envision you as anything other than what you are right now.

The real truth is... being an entrepreneur and running a business like this is a "lonely" business. You don't interact with as many people as you would at a real job. You have to have a STRONG belief in yourself if you are going to succeed.

It also helps to have a mastermind group with at least 2-3 other people who are doing the same thing as you (preferably with people who are smarter and more successful than you are)

Sooner or later you're going to need some people to lean on when you need advice or help.

3. If You're Not Going To Push Through "The Dip" Then Don't Even Start...

Seth Godin wrote a great book a few years ago called "The Dip". The main jist of it is there is a dip in everything you do. It's the "tough part" that weeds out the stragglers and allows the people who truly want to succeed to get to the top.

Its Darwinism at its best.

Ive gone through multiple dips in my business. When I started right out of college I made like $15k a month for a few months, and then I didnt have an income for almost 10-12 months. I survived through it, and ended up doing all kinds of odd jobs online to make ends meet - but I made it, and it made me a more confident and stronger entrepreneur.

With my new business I thought I was going to be raking in money in 5-6 months - well I had a lot to learn about the business, and things have finally ramped up, but it took me almost 2 years from the start of this project to get where I am now...

It was a LONG, LONG road and I struggled a lot to get where I am now - but a lot of the hardest work is over and now my focus is on growing what we already have thats working.

Always remember there's going to be a "dip" that you need to push through. It'll be hell and it will make you question your reason for doing this, but it will be more than worth it when you come out on the other side.

Hope this helps someone who needs a little motivation to get through a slump or to get started

- Justin
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    Wow! What an awesome post. I can't tell you how many dips I've gone through myself.

    I know what you mean about family members not understanding what you're doing. My parents told me that it's a great dream to have, but it may not be achievable (or something like that) I had a friend that said, "people make money online all the time, but it takes a special person to do it." (with the tone that I wasn't special) Even my wife told me that maybe I should stop spending so much time doing this and look for a job.

    When I made my first huge commission of $988.78 I showed my wife. She's done nothing but praise me from that day forward. Thanks to IM, I've had lots of huge commission days...
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    I never showed it, but I questioned myself many, many times. I questioned
    rather or not leaving college to pursuit my dream was a "smart decision" or
    will I fold and go back with my tail between my legs.

    That "Dip" (one of Seth's BEST books that describes everything you take on
    that's new to you in life -- driving, tieing shoes, walking, marketing, singing,
    scientist, lawyers, doctors, etc) is a huge kick in the balls.

    I relate to you OP on so many levels because people thought I was crazy
    for quitting college (the women are extra nice, though) and doing my own
    thing. People openly told me they were disappointed I gave up on it and
    that I became another statistic (black, young male who dropped out).

    I dealt with the criticism for MONTHS from friends, was painful
    and some questioned my sanity sometimes because of my OBSESSION to
    make marketing work because I truly felt it was what I am really good at.

    I failed. I failed. And I failed again...'till I succeed. Now, many of them tell
    me they were wrong and now support me on greater success.
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    2. Your Friends & Family Will Be The Most Negative People When It Comes To Your Business
    Umm...nope! If anything my family and friends are encouraging me the most! This doesn't apply for all cases.
    Time of thinking is over.
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      Originally Posted by LetsGoViral View Post

      Umm...nope! If anything my family and friends are encouraging me the most! This doesn't apply for all cases.
      I actually agree with him, half way.

      For me, family has been very negative about it but friends have been positive, neutral, or scratching their heads.
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      Originally Posted by LetsGoViral View Post

      Umm...nope! If anything my family and friends are encouraging me the most! This doesn't apply for all cases.
      While it may not apply to all cases, I'd bet my life that it applies to the MAJORITY OF CASES!

      "Whether you think you can or'll always be 100% right!" |

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        Thanks for all the comments guys. Good to see Im not the only one who's gone through some of these "problems".

        - Justin
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    Great post Dude! It almost sounds like you were in an MLM business instead of IM. I'm not downplaying MLM, but you definitely have to be strong minded, believe in what you're doing, and never quit.

    People need more encouraging post like this.
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    Anyone I talk to about it just glaze their eyes over and don't respond with much. I don't bother talking abiut it much anymore to friends or family.

    It's interesting to me how truly fascinated and amazed I am about some of the marketing tactics and how this IM machine works but everyone around me look as bored as sitting through an HR conference.

    Oh well, it will be fumny seeing reactions after hitting 6 figures.
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    Many times the negative reactions you get may get from family and friends is coming from a good place in them. Often they care about you and in some cases your families and children so much and they know how rough of a ride business is and how many failures are out there that they are doing what they see as a service to you. It's out of caring for you that they don't want for you what could be a very hard life.

    I would recommend a balance of not holding it against them too much and not rubbing anyone's noses in it once you hit it big.

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    Great post. I've read a lot of stories where someone went from rags to riches and the whole time they were being put down by their family for not getting a real job.

    I fortunately still have a full time job but I hope that someday soon I will be able to quit it. My family has been awesome in supporting my dream and my fiancée has been my biggest supporter.

    It's all about setting goals, having a written plan, and working your butt off. If you stick with it you are going to succeed.
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  • Originally Posted by Justin Goff View Post

    Your Friends & Family Will Be The Most Negative People When It Comes To Your Business
    What an interesting quote... and I bet it holds true to the majority of people who're giving up a secure job for the IM dream...
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    The real truth is... being an entrepreneur and running a business like this is a "lonely" business. You don't interact with as many people as you would at a real job. You have to have a STRONG belief in yourself if you are going to succeed.
    This! Absolutely. There are very few people who understand what it is we do. It's getting better, but you have to be very confident in yourself and what you're doing. People doubt it because they don't understand...not because IM won't work for you

    I am very lucky to have supportive friends and family. Then again, I generally only tell them that I help companies with their ad copy and am a freelance writer. Explaining what you do in terms they understand can certainly help.

    Whether they support you or not, having confidence in yourself can make all the difference.
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    great post Justin. I just purchased the dip and will read at my earliest convenience. Cheers!!
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    Now this is what needs to be put out there!

    Great post Justin! I've also had days where I
    did $22,000 and days where I've did ZERO!

    I've had high six figure years and low five figure

    ... but what separates the successful online
    marketers from the UNsuccessful is that we keep
    plowing through, stay focused, stay consistent,
    and keep doing what we know works.

    Even though we're internet marketers, there's
    one MAJOR detail that get's left out and that is...

    We deal with REAL PEOPLE each and every day.

    And as we all know... REAL PEOPLE have many
    factors going on in their lives.

    That's why you can mail your list one day and
    make $5000... mail again and make ZERO...

    People will only buy when they WANT TO BUY
    read your email WHEN THEY WANT TO.. etc...

    Stay focused. Stay consistent. Get results!

    Talk soon,
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    You've put into words what a lot of us go through in our business. Can't tell you how many times family thought i was crazy for doing what I do.

    Looking forward to hear more of your story.


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    I'm sure this thread will resonate with many who have been through this. I can say that my experience was exceptionally similar and the majority of people I know who have built a successful online business experienced exactly the same.

    The dip for me was about 3 years before I secured a full time income, and yes you do experience a lot of negativity from others. Now my business is continuing to grow and I am able to travel the world while doing it
    I rarely check my PMs here, if you need support, help or have a question please go to our support desk.
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