Article Writing - The Fine Line Between Informing And Selling And A $1,000 Tip

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Because of all the help I got today with my blog (thank you all) I want to
give a little something back to the community. This tip is so simple yet it is
SO effective.

A lot of marketers who write articles for the purpose of marketing run into
this problem, especially with certain article directories. They write the
article and get it rejected because it's too "salesy" or "deceptive" in its

Well, there are two things that cause this. The one can't be rectified any
other way other than to just stop selling in your article. Sorry folks, but
you can't say stuff like, "Hey check out my new..." It won't fly.

However, the deceptive part, which comes from titles like "Natural Cure For
Acne Revealed" and then you read the article and nothing is revealed, can
be fixed with a very simple technique called the question.

Simply write your title like this...

"Is There A Natural Cure For Acne?"

This title does two things.

1. It gets the prospect's attention because it arouses his curiosity. He's
wondering..."IS there a natural cure for acne? Maybe this guy will reveal
it." He's making an assumption not at all based on fact. It's what HE wants
to believe.

2. It allows you to talk about just about anything in the article itself. You
can take the article from the perspective of "Doctors say no, but naturalists
say yes." When you write articles with questions in the title, it doesn't
lock you into any ONE way of writing the article. You have a clear open

These articles get TONS of views for me because people are so curious.

Try'll be pleasantly surprised at the results.
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