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Guys, I feel totally stupid for asking this. Im using Idevaffiliate software and I need to create a php page to allow it to integrate with paypal, what is the difference between this and a standard htm page that I normally create and what software do I need to create one.

Any help is greatly appreciated!
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    Should post this in the programming talk forum. There are some
    very knowledgeable people in there who can help you.

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    I think you should try using OSCommerce. It will help you
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      You can use the same software that you use to create an html page to also create a php page, such as Dreamweaver.

      A php page must begin with <?php and end with ?> within the actual coding. It must also end in .php instead of .htm or .html such as index.php

      That's the basics of creating a blank php page. You can also mix html coding into the php page. I'm not sure what you need the page to do, so that's about all the advice I can give at this point.
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    I almost always use WP but if you have to use a toold for making sites, use Xsitepro. It gives you an option to either create a php page or an html page
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    If you have the whatever.html file you can always save it AS whatever.php in case you need to be parsed as PHP. Then just add the php code to it where needed.

    For those using WordPress > take a look at the template files in your theme (or any theme). They are always a mix of HTML and PHP - the important thing is to properly open and close the tags when mixing them.

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    you can use macromedia dreamweaver. it has plenty of tools to help you. there are many people working on php language. if you want to learn about it, you can join a php forum..
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    Download "notepad++" (it's free and very powerful).
    Create your page starting with the opening and closing PHP tags (<?php and ?> respectively) and use the .php extensions as your file extension.

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