Warriors Confessions Box - Stories From Internet Marketers Who Lost Money!

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Hi Warriors

I encourage you to share your stories of when it went wrong and you lost money on the internet.

Perhaps you bought an internet money making course only to discover the unique technique failed to work for you.

Maybe you spent a few weeks on a new traffic strategy and it failed to deliver buying visitors.

Why am I asking for this?

Well, I recently posted a confession about losing $60,000 pursuing internet money and I was overwhelmed by the response. I had some great advice from Warriors. I also found others who had lost money trying something new online.

A warrior suggested I share my failures in an ebook (see the quote below). I want to go one step further and collate my specific failures and others to build a comprehensive list of money making strategies to outright avoid and those to attempt with caution.

What can I offer you?
I would love to offer a Ferrari to everyone who's story makes it into the ebook. Unfortunately, the best you'll most likely get is a coupon to a 'Win A Ferrari' competition. More importantly, both I and readers of your confessions will be indebted to you and your generousity in sharing your failures.


I feel your pain, we all struggle my friend. The first thing I think you should do is address your mindset.

You are trying to make money online. That's a sure fire way to fail.

Instead you should be thinking how you can solve problems for other people.

But here's what I would do if I were you.

I would leverage my failures and write a short ebook like 20 to 30 pages. I'm sure you have great perspective on your failures and what you would do differently if you could.

How many people just starting out, are getting ready to make the same mistakes you just made? Or maybe me... I might be getting ready to make that mistake.
Next Step:
Post your story of when it didn't work out online and you lost time and money. Any tips and tricks for avoiding the failure you experienced? Can you recommend people to avoid who sell money making stuff online.

If you prefer not to share your story with the world, I'll promise to make it anonymous. You can always pm me or leave a chat message on my skype paul.kemp2

Thanks for your consideration and Great Stuff!

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