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Hey guys,

I just wanted to come in here and post something about getting a good JV partner and what it would take.

As I see, and am experiencing myself as well, there are a bunch of new IM'ers that need some guidance on this and this would be a great place to have some REAL tips about the process...

No one really needs a step-by-step, although that would be GREAT as a quick product for someone to put out.

  • research your market
  • find some of the top IM'ers (or Gurus)
  • get relationships going with them (this might be the toughest part)
  • create product
  • test product, funnel, sales pages, etc...
  • push PPC traffic to test sales methods
  • BUILD YOUR LIST this way to start (all prospects)
  • Get proof of income, proof of conversions, etc...
  • Sign up with Affiliate Program and create Affiliate Sales Copy, Banners, videos, etc...
  • Show this to A LOT of your niche's Gurus
  • BE OPEN, HONEST and CANDID about everything
I'm sure I've missed a bunch of stuff in there, but that's how I gather you would go about this...

Of course, you could just go the route of ---

  • Post in Warrior JV's
  • Cross fingers
  • Jump for joy
One final thing --- can anyone give us info on their experience with Launch Managers and whether or not it's worth using?
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