Exact Blueprint: How To Get Paid $41 For Every Article You Write

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Here is a blueprint to increase the value of your article writing. It does require some financial output, but you can get paid for EVERY article you write, if you are doing it correctly. I have been successful using this for the past couple of months, and I am trying to automate the process.

You will need a hosting account to do this, and it helps to have Micro Niche Finder or another keyword tool that will help you gauge competition. Without Micro Niche Finder I would not be able to get the information to make every article I write pay me $41.

Step 1-use Micro Niche Finder or other keyword research tool to find general, non brand specific 2 or 3 word keyword phrases that get at least 250 EXACT phrase searches a month. I used to do 1000/month, but with the new Google keyword tool 250 is equivalent to what 1000 used to be. This phrase will also need to have its exact match .com, .net, or .org domain name available. You should be looking for physical products that are sold on eBay or Amazon, and they should have an ad cost of $1 or higher on Micro Niche Finder.

Step 2-check the method of backlinks function on Micro Niche Finder. This number should be low no higher than 10, & the lower the better. This is the number of backlinks that show up on page 1 of Google. Many times the whole 1st page is nothing but ebay, amazon, and next tag results that have no backlinks. These keywords are easy to conquer.

Keep in mind that Micro Niche finder makes it extremely easy to check this information, and saves a ton of time. If I could keep only one of the many IM tools I have bought, it would be MNF. ALL of the money I have made has been as a result of information from this tool. You can do the research by hand, but it takes much longer, and if you are off on the competition, the technique may not work.

Step 3-purchase the exact match domain for your keyword. It can be .com, .net, or .org. I use Godaddy and do a search for "godaddy promo code" on Google. Using codes from the blogspot website at number 2 for that search, you can get ANY top level domain for $7.67 or less. Many times Godaddy runs specials where you can buy domains for $1. So much the better. Point the nameservers from your hosting to the domain once you have bought it, and install as an add-on domain in your hosting.

Step 4 Install Wordpress using Fantastico on your control panel. Install the following plugins by saving them as a zip file to your hard drive and using the upload function in your Wordpress control panel to install.

Platinum SEO Pack
Maxblogpress Ping Optimizer
Google XML Sitemaps
Privacy Policy-necessary to ad adsense to the site

Configure the plugins and set up Platinum SEO with your keyword

I also use phpBay Pro to monetize. If you have an EPN account you can use phpBay lite for free. You can also build out a really nice site and submit for approval to EPN. Despite what many will tell you, EPN is great if you build solid sites to drive targeted traffic to eBay.

delete the links or blogroll, change the permalink structure to custom: /%postname%/

go to the writing function on your Wordpress control panel under settings and install the following ping list under Update Services:

blog marketing free traffic site at blogstreet.com
FeedBurner - Ping FeedBurner

Install a free wordpress theme like premium news or a Woo theme by uploading the saved zip file through the themes section of the control panel.

Step 5-Write a 400 word or better article related to the keyword. Keep the keyword at 2-4% density throughout the article and use it in the title. Placing the keyword in h1, h2, and h3 tags will increase the SEO.

Post the article on your blog and use the keyword in the title, the permalink structure separated by -'s between the words, and as a tag on the post. Publish your post.

What you have just done is created an SEO optimized mini site around an exact match keyword that gets traffic in Google. When you post your article, the ping list will be alerted, and spiders will begin to crawl your site. I usually add a link to the new site from an existing site of mine to get indexed. Doing some social bookmarking with Digg or other sites can help get indexed as well.

A site built this way will usually index on page one or high on page 2 of Google without any real backlinking. Adding a few backlinks will push it higher.

Step 6-Once it is indexed, you have a site that is super SEO optimized for a buying keyword that people can check in Google, and they can search the keyword and see that your site is indexed on page 1 or 2 of Google. If you can show income from EPN or adsense, so much the better.

You have created an asset that will sell itself. I get 4 or 5 of these ready and then post them on the Warrior Forum under Complete Web Sites For Sale. It costs $20 to post, but you are putting it in front of a bunch of people hungry for sites that generate traffic and income. Price each site you list at $49.

Most of the sites that are listed in this section are not SEO optimized, and get zero traffic. Point this out in your post. Let people know that your sites drive traffic, are ranked in low competition niches and that it will be easy to achieve a high Google ranking with a good back linking campaign. You can provide proof of income and traffic stats if you have them.

Eventually you can develop relationships with your buyers so you do not have to spend the $20 to list the sites. I have one buyer that has bought 4 different times. I only paid the $20 once to find him.

So if you buy a domain name for $7.67 and sell a site you design around it for $49, you have been paid $41.33 to essentially write 1 article. How many articles do you have to write to get 1 affiliate commission? How many of you have written article after article with no success?

Even if you have to lower your asking price to sell your sites, it is still way better than traditional article marketing in my opinion. The average clickbank commission is between 20 and 25 bucks. That means you can lower your price to as low as $27 and still make a profit on every article you write that is equivalent to the average affiliate commission on Clickbank.

I have sold 12 or 13 sites like this, most at $49 some higher, some lower, but none for less than $29.

This is a way to shift your focus from what conventional wisdom says is right and make some real money. It requires you to get some "skin in the game" and make a commitment towards making things work. If you commit to this and spend some of your coffee, pizza or cigarette money on domains, hosting, and a keyword tool, you could start making money in a month or less.

BONUS here are some keywords that some enterprising soul can use to get started:

zebra print sheets: .net available 390 monthly searches
beer can crusher: .net and .org available 320 monthly searches
soda can crusher: .org available 390 monthly searches
guillotine cigar cutter: .org available 260 monthly searches
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    Great insight on your business. Thanks for sharing!
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    Thanks for this info.it will help alot
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    This is a very interesting idea!

    Another variation of this is to post the article on content sites that pay per click. No hosting and no work to set up. And you get to mooch off the PR of these sites. So generally fast indexing and income.

    I have one article alone on a content site that has paid me close to $1,000 in Adsense clicks. I have also earned affiliate income from it. (The site allowed links). And it keeps paying every month.

    If you want a list of free Get Paid to Post sites just PM me.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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      Hi, LilBlackDress,

      would you send me the information? I don't think I cam PM yet.

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      Hi Drew3868,

      How can I transfer domain owner [ this part may be easier] and transfer hosting articles?

      Thanks for the great tip.

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    Interesting post! Do you ever monetize these sites yourself, for your own benefit?

    As if you could prove a history of income you could sell them much higher!

    Maxim Articles
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    Originally Posted by drew3806 View Post

    So if you buy a domain name for $7.67 and sell a site you design around it for $49, you have been paid $41.33 to essentially write 1 article. How many articles do you have to write to get 1 affiliate commission? How many of you have written article after article with no success?
    Thanks Drew,

    I picked up a little nugget in your post that I believe will help me tweak my sites just a bit, which should add to my bottom line.

    I try and set up my internet business so that it is as passive as possible. This allows me to focus on other things, whether it be new internet marketing projects, travel, school or whatever. I like to have that monthly check that pays my bills whether I work or not. I do not like to sell anything that makes money without doing any work to it.

    I am just wondering why you sell the sites instead of monetizing them. Even if you simply put a couple of crappy adsense blocks on your sites you should easily make back the $7. If you put an affiliate link for the actual product for the keyword you would probably make good money.
    I'm not selling anything.
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    This article is pretty cool.. thanks a lot for sharing.. its quite long thought but DID help ;-) keep the good work coming brov..
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    What an awesome post man!

    Read through you entire thread and
    discovered lots of value in it..

    That would be something that I´d like
    to add to my online bizz for probably 10-15
    hours per week.

    Although, I didn´t quite understand how you
    get paid, or who is going to purchase your articles?

    Can you send me a private message?

    Best Regards,

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    This "formula" has been around for quite a while. But funny how it keeps decreasing in the number of exact searches required.


    Next year someone will post about this and suggest anything with at least 100 exact monthly searches.

    This is the bottom of the barrel for trying to domain based rankings. Ironically, that makes the twist of selling the domain instead of trying to rely on traffic based income more interesting and appealing.

    As for MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer, no need for that if you only have 1 article. But I've been removing that plugin from all my sites because it is unnecessary and costing me rankings.

    After all, there are millions of blogs without this plugin that are updated all the time - and they simply are not banned.
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      Brian - How does MaxBlogPress Ping Optimizer cost rankings? I'm using it on all my WP sites.

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