100 clicks in 10 days

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on Amazon but 0 sales. That's double the clicks that I had the ENTIRE month of October, so I'm at least going in the right direction. So.......is there anything else that I can do to get a sale? I'm getting them to Amazon....not sure what else to do?
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    Using Chris Farrell's mentality, I would recommend that you first build a list of people who are actually interested in the product. That way, whenever you have a new product, you can send the e-mail to your list. Be careful though, do not spam them. Treat them like you would want to be treated they are not a cyber credit card.
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    Maybe people are not interested in the product or they are not curious and not useful for them.
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    Keep sending traffic. You can try preselling them first if you have your own site. You can give reviews on say how awesome the products are.

    Since it is Amazon you are sending them to, there isn't much you can do to increase conversions.
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    I agree with kenny5, you should presell the people you are sending to amazon. Just make sure that it's not hype about the product. Give them a review of the product, and to earn their trust, it's a good idea to mention a bad thing about the product. Just make sure the "bad" thing is something small that won't make them change their minds. Elaborate on the key benefits of the product for your target market.

    You need to presell people, because Amazon doesn't have a real sales page for every product since people can browse similar products until they find what they like.
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    You can try building a list first, that can sell to over and over again...


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    I think building a list is a great way to know your prospective customers. If you choose a niche then grow your list with people who interested in that niche, you definitely will have better success selling product related to that niche.

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    If you're getting only 100 click in 10 days then you lack the following:


    Obtain the two. And see if anything changes.
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    Thanks for all the comments guys. I put up a freebie offer on my site but no takers. Guess I need to look at my list building skills again.
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      Originally Posted by SoEasyMoney View Post

      Thanks for all the comments guys. I put up a freebie offer on my site but no takers. Guess I need to look at my list building skills again.
      Combine what the others have suggested with these additions. I'll try to list them all together for your ease of use, but credit to those that posted above first.

      1) traffic must be targeted - are people landing on your site interested in dog toys and you're linking them to cat grooming products?

      1 a) - if they get to your site AND they are ACTUALLY clicking over to amazon for a related product then perhaps the product stinks or has bad reviews?

      1 b) - look at the products/pages you're sending them to - do they present well and do a good job of "selling" the product through descriptions/pictures/reviews? It may be a good product but have something negative or just not as good as another product regarding its presentation.

      2) Are you hitting a "valid" product - if you're promoting water skis and your current market target is the US, you may not do so well as winter is fast approaching.

      3) Do you have a "buying" market? In other words, are you sure they just aren't looking for free information? Are there a lot of competing products (that could mean it's a buying market).

      4) Regarding your freebie - you won't get takers if it's not valuable. Make it so they would be stupid NOT to sign-up. Give first, then ask for the return via your affiliate link.

      Hope it helps.


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    If I want to buy a toaster I don't want to sign up to a toaster email list and receive emails about toasters. I want to see 3 maybe 4 options, weigh up the benefits and make my decision.

    Try this on your website, give a few options and make a review for each based on genuine customer feedback and specifications.

    Lists are a great idea in many(/most) circumstances, but in some cases they just put another hoop infront of the prospect and actually lower conversions. It depends on the product, how much its costs, who is buying it etc....
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    There is nothing here that couldn't be cured by having more visitors to your site. As far as a list goes, it would depend on what your site is about.
    Don't get so wrapped up in making money that you forget the important things in life.
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    Would love to PM some you guys the link to my site and get some insight. Anyone willing? Shoot me a PM if you are!
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    Or maybe its not quality traffic. Where are you getting your traffic from?
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      Biggest tip I have is to sell what people are looking for. Example I have a site that sells but it is not as near targeted. Then I have free sites that are extremely targeted that make about 1 sale in every 15 clicks to Amazon is what it averages to so far.

      Biggest reason why is I have more buying customers to the second site. So if I was going to sell a camera - madeup name (brand name x1000) or madup name (brandname suzy talk and blah blah) instead of christmas toy 2010 or preschool dolls or whatever.

      Also before I setup a site I also do a little research on keywords. I just make sure people are searching for the actual product name. While tons of searches are great.. 30 targeted visits is better than 100 visits where they aren't buying customers. Also search for the keyword without quotes and check out your competition. Are there any free sites? How about PR 0 sites?Look at the content that is placed on page one and two- is it good? Or is it like a site with a whole paragraph to its name? If it's crappy content check their backlinks. If their a lot? Do the backlinks have the keyword as anchor text? If so try matching them and building better content pages with better Seo and then going from there.

      Make sure you practice OPSEO. Potpiegirl's blog and the IPK both use this. You need lots of content so maybe like 6 pages of content with similiar keywords and providing good info. Or if you are using something like Squidoo than 6 modules of text and whatever else you want to throw on there.
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      I am like you. I have not had much luck with Amazon because I have my Amazon site set up all wrong and just let it go to AdSense.
      My store is too general and not focused on one product which is not a very good approach for Amazon, unless you are Amazon.
      You may want to change your product.
      The first thing is to check your keyword searches. Try typing in for sale behind the product, and, or, the word buy in front of it. This will help you get an idea if people are really looking to purchase it, just window shopping, or looking for information.
      I do this on one site that I have that is not using Amazon as the affiliate focus and it converts well for the products that I sell.
      I hope that this helps.
      If nothing else you can turn your site into a contextual site with AdSense and other ads, to at least cover the costs, until you do something different.
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    It's tough making money on Amazon due to their 24 hr cookie. You'll get credit for some sales but the ones made after 24 hours you don't get. Not good.

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