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Where can I get free mini sites? thanks
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    You can probably find some kind of free software & graphics online by doing a google search but I don't think you'll find someone to build a site for free. Unless you host it with them.

    But the best thing about mini sites, is that they're inexpensive to have built. I've seen warriors selling mini site packages for as low as $24 right here on the forum.
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    Depending what you mean about mini-sites....

    Most of what are called web 2.0 are "mini sites" ion one way or another.
    For example, blogger.com allows you to create a blog on their site that could be classed by many as a "mini site" because it doesn't have the features of a primary site like you would have with your own domain.

    Is this the sort of mini-site you are referring to?

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    Build them yourself. They are not that hard to do, plus you can't screw it up and you'll learn a ton.

    Do a little research on mini-sites, hire an article writer, and one-way link the sites together. The first time may not be perfect, but you'll get better. Once you've done it a couple times, then outsource it if it's' too much work. At least you'll know what you are outsourcing. Good Luck!
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    Create a WordPress blog. Search Google for a theme with "no header no menu". There is a free one out there that I've seen before that is pretty ok. Create a Page and set it to the static display when you land. Mini site done
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    use the wordpress version of minisites.
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    Create them yourself. There are lots of free-hosted sites out there. You can also outsource the work though.
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    You can find free minisites at MiniSiteGallery.com.
    That site offers miniistes that come also with psd files so,in the eventuality,you an modify them with photoshop and make them "new"!
    I think also you can learn how to build a minisite,is not difficult!
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    I always search for free css templates
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    Their are many mini sites our their and can help you boost your affiliate products.

    Creating mini site isn't too bad. But I recommend for you to pay for a host so you can have a 24 hours support from their professional staffs.
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    You can build your own mini site and I think it's more good, but also, a little bit of searching on Google will let you know where you can find these mini sites.
    Good luck mate!
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    Thank you all for the information.

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