Is there a big demand for music/audio?

by vicwic
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Just wondering, do a lot of warriors buy backgound music/audio for their sites, video, etc? (Not voiceover work)

Would anyone be interested in it, say if it was in a WSO?


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    I couldn't really say as I'm more into the written word. I'm a huge reader and a copywriter and am only now getting into audio. I'm on a budget, but don't want it to SOUND like I'm on a budget. Make sense?

    In fact, I'm looking for bumper music for a podcast I'm thinking of creating. I'm still not quite sure how/if I'll do it yet, but I DO know I want it to sound nice. So I'm considering getting music for my planned podccast. And I think I just found a site with music downloads I really like.

    Hope thant helps!

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    That's partly the kind of stuff i'm taking about.

    I'm also wondering about where those warriors that make the likes of selfhelp audio products get their background music from.

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    i wont be interested, because it will increase the loading time of my site
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      Originally Posted by WinsonYeung View Post

      i wont be interested, because it will increase the loading time of my site
      I appreciate that sites which automatically play music are generally slower (and can be annoying imho) i ment more like podcasts, video, or audio products.

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    Is this something you offer?

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      I'd say there would be more of a demand if you took their podcast and layered it over top of a background noise for them.

      But only if you're producing those noises yourself with some sort of synth.
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    Hi Angela,

    It could be I'm just seeing if there is a want/need for it before commiting a lot of time to it.

    Powercenter, I've done that sort of thing before, but not in IM, and again, wanted to see if there was any sort of interest in those services.

    thanks for all the replies!

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