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    Have you thought of adding your product to Clickbank? That way you would get affiliates selling on your behalf.

    Medical products of all kinds seem to be popular there.

    Btw - the images on your main page aren't loading for me.
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      Some of the images are loading for me others are not

      I found the load time for your page slower than most and that the pop over came up straight away which might put off some concerned parents

      Like Rosetrees suggested - submit your e-book to Clickbank and offer at least a 50% commission to affiliates

      While Chicken Pox is a one off - obviously the majority of people buying your e-book are parents with young children - you could look at other similar niches on child raising, other childhood illnesses etc
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          Using a cartoon character such as from sitepal.com has been shown to increase conversions
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      A few things:

      1. A lot of the images on your blog don't load, including the one on your opt-in form
      2. The video covered part of the opt-in form making it hard to actually opt-in (I'm using chrome...didn't check in other browsers)
      3. I'm confused, where is your written sales letter? You posted a link to your blog and two links to your video sales letter.
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    I like the site. The header image looks great.
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    don't limit yourself to clickbank there are many other similar site out there like paydotcom and more.

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    I think you could do without half the photos. One or two for illustration of each pox type should be plenty, and will speed up the loading time.

    I didn't see a medical disclaimer anywhere. You need one for your own protection. It may be somewhere I didn't click.
    I will ignore the shiny stuff. I will ignore the shiny stuff. I am ignoring the shiny stu....what's that? Hey! Didn't I say I was ignoring the shiny stuff?
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