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I'm sure some of you guys have a list of suscribers of 1000+ people? I guess a list is fundamental if you want to make money online right? Is it profitable int he long term, are some of you making 5k a month with a list? Would just offering a newsletter or some good articles on your niche be enough and as well as some clickbank products promotion from time to time. When does the money come? I guess its when you include affiliate links in your promotions not by just adding suscribers...
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    A targeted list of your own customers is very important. But it is not as easy as you would think, even with free giveaways. Users are now reluctant to put their email in a list because the don't want to get spammed.

    But you must create a list anyway. You can't market more products to your past customers without a list.
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    Your sig indicates you are an internet marketer, yet you're asking about listbuilding... OK, it's like this: There are a lot of ways to make money online, but the most lucrative involves a list. You build your list by providing interesting content on your blog, other forums or blogs, web 2.0 sites, or any of a number of other methods of driving traffic to your squeeze page.

    Once you get people to opt-in to your list, you have to keep them, by providing more informational content, and you monetize the list by promoting your own or affiliate products once you have established a rapport with your subscribers. If you are reasonable about it and don't barrage your subscribers with advertisements/promotions, they will grow to trust you and are far more likely to act on your recommendations. The money comes when your subscribers go to your sales page (or the sales pages your affiliate links point to) and actually buy the product.

    This may seem the long way around, but in the long term, this generates higher revenue than sending prospects directly to an affiliate link or your sales page.

    Its not the size of the list that counts, its the responsiveness. A very targeted list that trusts you can do much better than a poorly targeted list with thousands of subscribers.

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      Is offering a free report/ebook/stuff the only way to start a list? Cause that's what I've been hearing about list building.
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        Originally Posted by rype89 View Post

        Is offering a free report/ebook/stuff the only way to start a list? Cause that's what I've been hearing about list building.
        It's more than just offering something free. When building a list, you need
        to think about a few things; how to convey yourself in a way to develop
        relationships i.e. by making videos or pod casts or even in an article or

        The key thing is to remember that you're not just trying to get their email
        address so you can make some quick money off them; you're genuinely
        trying to help them out and in doing so, developing a relationship with them
        because once someone knows, likes and trusts you, they'll buy from you.

        I would say that the most important thing in list building is providing value
        because (as Frank Kern says) "the money isn't in the list, it's in the value
        that you provide to the list"

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    Building a list is vital. The key is to nurture them. I think you need to take about 4 articles and 3 giveaways of some sort before sending any sales emails.

    They say that people will usually buy after the 7th to 10th contact from you. So keep this in mind. Build the relationship and make them trust you. The real money comes once you have built a large list and you can send them to your own products at will. Then you make more money by creating new products constantly.

    You can create new products by finding PLR and rewriting it and changing the website graphics and the books graphics to match your "new" product. This can work out very well and you can even offer the resale rights to your customers, just make sure you have included some links in the product or other ways to make backend sales.

    Good Luck
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    One of the best ways I've found for building a list is to check out upcoming product launches. Contact the people doing the launch ahead of time and ask if you can include a product as a bonus to the people that buy their product. It's better to create your own product for this but it can be done with high quality PLR too.

    Of course, to get your product for free as a bonus, people have to register for it, which builds your list.
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    Google it, or find it on affiliate sites like clickbanks or pay dot com.

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    A list is great. As a product creator and membership site owner, my list has recruited quite a few people into my own affiliate program, so its saved me money from clickbank etc and its saved me work.
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    Build a list should be your number one asset when it comes to working online. Every store and every major online retailer has a mailing list in which they offer you coupons in the mail or via email. Its an awesome way to bring in repeat buyers and new buyers. If your not list building then I have to say your not serious about making money online.
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    as sean says above its very importnt to be building a list

    NOT just so you can send promotions

    you need to be building repeat customers, this is where the profits are

    how soon do you think wall mart would go out of business if they had to attract new customers every week?

    pretty damn quick

    they rely on a lot of repeat customers and thats what you have to do when building your online business. Provide lots of value, offer solutions to problems (create products) and you will get rewarded

    your main goal is to build customers that are repeat buyers

    you also need to get out of the mindset of just putting somehing together just to get someones name and email

    you need to really start creating some serious value that helps your subscribers even if its a free product that you give away to build your list

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    Building a list is one of the best ways of making money online but certainly not the only one.

    The size of list is important, but even more important is the relationship with your subscribers.

    You should send quality and relevant information to your list, especially if you run a
    blog, inform your list about every new post immediately, and give your subscribers
    good content, and gain a boost in traffic to your blog.

    To answer your questions, list is extremely profitable long-term, not so much short-term,
    and $5k a month is nothing for experienced marketers with a responsive list.

    As for where does the money come, the best way is when you mail your list with
    relevant offers, for affiliate or your own products. Also, you can make some fast
    money by including offers on your "Thank you" page, after visitors enter their
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    This is the best list resource I have saw on here in a while


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    Having a list is one of the best ways to build a long term business. You can make money in the short term, mid term and long term. The most important thing is building a solid relationship with your subscribers.

    Of course, it really depends on the niche/market you are targeting to determine if a long-term relationship with your subscribers is the best way to go.

    You cannot only promote CB products, but also any other digital or physical product that you are affiliated with or own yourself.

    Hope that helps...

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      when you get into IM, or whatever niche you are in, the first focus should always be to BUILD A LIST... why? it's your asset.

      Look at companies offline, they have lists of customers that they sell to over and over again... an online business works the same way .

      Focus on building your list, then getting them to trust you... that key and they will eventually buy from you. and you can sell to your list over and over again different products, or your own products.

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    It all depends on your niche. Some opt-in email newsletters in tight niches converts at around 3%-5% if it's low in competition, and you have a product that can really help to solve a problem or achieve a goal.

    Then on the other hand, you have highly competitive niches where your niche will convert at only 1%. But the more you mail to your initial subscribers who haven't bought from you yet, the more your conversion rates will increase over time.
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