The "I Want Money Now Money Spinner Syndrome!"

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I skim many IM forums this week, and realize one thing that happens constantly...

you will see many thread titles such as this...

"How do I make at least $50 a day"

"How do I make $100 a day?"

"How can I make $5000 by next month!"

If you frequent this forum or others, you will know exactly what i am talking about. And maybe slap your forehead each time they appear! And if you even half decent at this whole internet marketing game you will know and understand one thing.

Having an IM business is great!!!, but here is the trap.

From day 1 you belong in two camps.

CAMP 1) What I am doing is really just creating a small money spinner ($100 - $1000 p/month)

CAMP 2) I have a fully fledge powerful online business and a high quality product people around the world need or even crave for ($2000 - $infinity p/month)

When I first started online I use to belong to camp 1 continuously. At the same time I wondered why I kept failing. It wasnt until my mentor later told me that I was not creating a REAL online business. Just a little hobby farms or what I term money spinners, that were not really bound to succeed in the first place.

Then I had one of those AH-HUH moments. And realised that I had to get serious and create something of value, and start building a list. Then I had leverage and I could build from there. It didnt take 2 days to do. But it was constant action taking and building things slowly.

BOY O BOY did it pay off!!! I then realised money spinners were a waste of time. I was building my own virtual land, and actually helping my prospects and clients at the same time. I was creating real relationships with real people using my computer. I was working less hours in the day, but the money I was brining in was more and more as time went on.

YES! I found out that working my butt off forcing crappy $5 PLR products to people that were half interested or using the latest autoblog tool was really just a total waste of time. These were NOT real businesses at all. Just hard work, for not much money at all. I was averaging about 1-2 dollars and hour.

Work out whether you want a just a money spinner or a full on hard core IM business. I have seen people come and go, and several of my good friends fail online. WHY? they just attempt to create one little money spinner, it they go back to the drawing board. Then even worse they have another go at something else and try to create another money spinner from scratch. Oh dear!

Swapping from shiney object to shiney object will not get any work done and will not give you results.

Take time in your business, FOCUS, build it from the ground up. Commit yourself to one thing, one niche and spend time educating yourself on your topic or whatever you are selling. Put your mind in the shoes of the prospect. Do you want to sell them a crappy report that is actully worth $5? or do you want to give them stuff that will actually change their life and give them results???

But how are you going to do this. Well....There are many options :-

1) Give them free reports pdf, videos, audio that will blow them away (get them excited)

2) Get them asking what else stuff do you have / sell ?

3) Make them look forward to receiving your emails and not just delete them like stinky spam.

4) Offer them higher priced video membership continuity programs they will say YES to!

5) Offer them offline seminars they can say YES To!

6) Offer them high priced, high value one on one coaching they can say YES to!


I think you get my picture now, but it all starts with the free opt in. Then if you are actually creating a business you can add these above to your existing funnel. Especially as you are helping your clients, getting to know them better, and what sort of information the crave for.

Start from scratch and sit down with yourself and build a real online business. Not one or two money spinners that bring in $20 a week. That is not creating a business empire. It is about creating a business in hungry niche, building a big response list that you give valuable stuff too that will make you money down the track. In the longer term. THEN YOU HAVE LEVERAGE to play with too. Who knows where that can take you?

Stop asking how I can make $500 by tomorrow. And start asking yourself, how can I help my list and list of buyers get the results they are after. How can I create a proper business in a hungry niche that is going to pay me when i am shopping or down at the beach goofing off??. Do that properly, and the money will flow like milk and honey in the promise land.

Do this continuously, and be patient and you will get more than just those $500 weeks / months.

Build your business properly, and stop trying to sit infront of that damn machine and slave away for those little money spinners, the $100 a week ones. Then wake up the next day and do it over and over again. YUCK!!!

Build the foundations of a self sustainable rock sold business that brings in continual profits now, and into the future. Concentrate on one thing, then build on what you have. Have a look online and study successful businesses and their sales funnels. I have seen businesses flourish and become multimillion dollar companies from just one simple free optin to get a 10 page PDF file.

Sure makes you think of IM in a different light ey? But this is truely one of the poweful things that changed my way of thinking and the way I make money online. I am sure it will do the same for you if you give it a try??


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    Spot on mate ... we all buy into the QUICK, EASY and LAZY and perhaps 'we' all set ourselves up for a fall by buying into it.

    When ultimately it's old skool fundamentals that will win the day. I think the test is not for newbies to ignore the quick, easy and lazy approaches ... it's to fall for them (like we all seem to), keep going, not quit and ... come through the otherside.

    Maybe it acts likes a filter.

    Cool post (as ever).
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      Originally Posted by Big Al View Post

      Spot on mate ... we all buy into the QUICK, EASY and LAZY and perhaps 'we' all set ourselves up for a fall by buying into it.

      When ultimately it's old skool fundamentals that will win the day. I think the test is not for newbies to ignore the quick, easy and lazy approaches ... it's to fall for them (like we all seem to), keep going, not quit and ... come through the otherside.

      Maybe it acts likes a filter.

      Cool post (as ever).
      Thanks for taking the time to read big al buddy.

      This was the brain fodder that was rattling around in my brain for months as I kept creating those damn money spinners (which are now dead, domains expired, thank god). But it seriously changed the way I did business and how I worked online.

      It did take time to see massive changes, but actually got results almost intantly. I just kept building on that.
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    I am in a position where I have a decent opt in page and I am really trying to take it to the level you are speaking about. I am fairly new to IM and am really just looking for some guidence when it comes to traffic for my squeeze page.

    I don't really know a lot of other IM and the ones I do know all use Adwords. In my niche (real estate investing) adwords is really expensive.

    Do you have any words of wisdom for me. I would really appreciate any advise you could share.


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    Thanks for the PM, but I cannot respond because I am so new to the site. Is there anyway you can shoot me an email and I can reply?

    dakoch1s at

    Thanks Celente

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    SICK post.

    Love it, and your writing style.

    Wish I would have read this a few years ago lol
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      Originally Posted by daedalus1 View Post

      SICK post.

      Love it, and your writing style.

      Wish I would have read this a few years ago lol
      Thanks, hope it helped.

      yes LOL, sometimes i think the same thing. It would have saved me alot of time and effort, makes me slap my forehead alot LOL.

      Money spinners can kill your business quickly if you keep jumping from shiney object to shiney object.

      I am sure there are many people in here, in that fluffy brain stage where they are having a few successes but really not quite there yet. That is when you need to not get sidetracked.......that is the point when you can almost taste it in your mouth, but you go searching for other candy. I say suck on the sweet candy that you have in your mouth already, figuratively speaking
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    Good one mate!

    You know, I am going to post an exactly same thing like this one, as a FREE WSO .. lol... I wanted to see how many people would take this kinda DIAMOND stuff up, as opposed to those "GOLDEN shiny stuffs"..

    I bet they will go to the other route - the "golden fast track shiny route"... LOL!

    It's one of my coaches who told me the exact same stuff, woke me up... He told me a few simple lines: "Aiden, you need to build a BUSINESS, a long term business where it will sustain, using multiple funnels, multiple strategies, and it doesn't really have to be strictly online or strictly offline".

    Either way, it works, with a good and solid foundation, with comprehensive funnels.

    WOW! That's something!

    Gave a lot of thoughts into it, and finally gave up ALL of my other shiny-money-making methods.

    Off to build a sustainable business since then

    Thanks for sharing ya post mate!

    Aiden Chong
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  • Profile picture of the author Janice Sperry
    I hope a lot of newbies take the time to read your post. It is so easy and tempting to get sucked into Camp 1. I totally agree with you that the best long term strategy is Camp 2.
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    An absolutely top-notch post. Everyone should take note of it.
    CONTENT WRITER. Reliable, UK-Based, 6 Years Experience - ANY NICHE
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  • Profile picture of the author celente
    why thanks, I just wish someone told me about this when I was stuck in my moneyspinning days.

    You live and you learn.

    Today I stumbled upon numerous blogs and high traffic communities and they are going on about autoblogs, and some new techniques to make money from.....

    I say good luck to that, and the software you buy. Sure it can make you some money, but its is nowhere near a proper online business that one needs to set up.

    I am not telling anyone what to do, because they will experience their own successes and failures. But I have yet to find anyone killing it online with this sort of tool.

    Infact I look around and realise that autoblogs are just messing up, and cluttering some the wordpress SEO landscape. Can you say BLOG SPAM....LOL. Some of those sites are just hiddeous. Why would you want to buy anything from this.

    How about setting up a real blog business, where you talk to real people, give real solid advice and set up real lists of people that you can forward to your real blog posts thus creating real communities.
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