Please recommend a good article / content writer for hire

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I hope this is the proper forum, if not, I apologize in advance.

Can anyone recommend a good article writer that can supply me with excellent content around 350-400 words for around $4 an article?

I am seeking a seasoned article writer to supply me with 100 articles per month. The subject of the articles will be mainly credit cards, however the subjects may vary some from month to month. I am interested in finding someone that can prove to me that they have excellent writing abilitites at a good cost. If this can be proven to me, I will want to make it an ongoing partnership of 100 articles per month for a set price.

Here is a breakdown of how the 100 articles will be used:

- 30 of them to be used as Google Knols
- 30 of them to be used as blog posts
- 30 of them to be used as articles for website content
- 10 of them to be articles I will submit to directories

I will provide you a spreadsheet that contains 100 different titles that I would like to be used for each article. I will also include one keyword or keyword phrase that I would like to be incorporated into the article.

I would like the keyword phrase to be used once in the first paragraph, once in the last paragraph, and once somewhere in between.

Each article should be from 350 to 400 words in length.

I am looking for someone that I can use each month on an ongoing basis for this. Right now all the articles will be on the topic of credit cards.

If you are a writer and this sounds good, please pm me and we can discuss things further.

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      I think you will find you get what you pay for. If you pay $4 you will get a $4 article.

      You need to revisit your offer in my opinion.

      I can write your articles in your subject area. They would be completely original and keyword focussed. But I haven't got time at your pay rates.

      Sorry if this sounds like a rant.

      It is a rant.
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    Originally Posted by blase40 View Post

    Can anyone recommend a good article writer that can supply me with excellent content around 350-400 words for around $4 an article?
    You are kidding right!

    I suggest you trot over to rentacoder and get someone for whom english is a third language. (they might just do it for you at that price if you're lucky)

    End of rant (and I don't even write articles anymore now)

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      I'm sure you can find someone on the DP forum...but for $4 don't expect much because that's what you'll get.
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        Here's an idea, write it yourself.
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          Originally Posted by drewjones View Post

          Here's an idea, write it yourself.
          I would love to be able to do that, but I find my strengths lie elsewhere in the world of marketing. I have found that outsourcing these has proven to be more effective for my business.

          I understand the $4 per article is low, and perhaps I will have to evaluate it. I have some bidding open on elance and a bunch are coming in around the $4 range... though I am hesitant about the quality that I will get... even though the terms are that I pay when I am satisfied with they way they are written.

          Thanks for the input everyone

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          • Some of what's being said here is true. Tons of people will write for $4 an article, but you won't find them here, and the quality will be lacking, it's just a given. I'm paying $4 per article at the moment as well, but I'm also buying a TON of articles in the same niche, whenever I purchase, and I generally tip my writers if they get it done before my deadlines, so I probably pay roughly $6 per.

            If you want to step up your prices, and get some really killer articles, talk to mrsleep99 on this forum.

            Money isn't real, George. It doesn't matter. It only seems like it does.

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      Thanks for the comments but my rates start at $23 for a 400 - 500 word article.

      I think you need to rethink, if you want excellent content and yet want to pay peanuts.

      For the amount of work involved doing research to give you excellent content, I could make more money flipping burgers at McD's.

      Pay peanuts and you will get exactly what people said, low quality work.
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      • You can easily get good content for 1c a word - especially if you're buying 100 articles at a time. I've done it many times. As some of the other posters said rentacoder, or digitalpoint, are good starting points.

        This includes content from native speakers and quality writers. Not the very top level of writers though, who are being talked about in this thread.

        The downside is that you have to audition people and test their skills - start off with a batch of five articles.

        I don't tent to use the very cheapest article writers now (although they do have uses), but for $6 an article at that range you can get some very good native writers - work at home mom types.

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