How To Get Marketers To Take You Up On Your Offer

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I really hope that this thread is a HUGE help to those who make offers to
other Warriors and then wonder why they don't take you up on it.

First of all, I can't even begin to tell you all how overwhelmed I am by the
generosity of so many of the people here. I'm almost embarrassed by it.

So some of you might be wondering, "Why doesn't he take me up on my

Well, there is a simple answer for this. And this is why so many marketers
don't get the results that they want, whether it's for a JV request, offer to
give a free ebook or membership or whatever.

Not every marketer is interested in every thing that is out there.

John Doe may have a great interest in Squidoo and take you up on
reading your ebook on it but yet have no interest in learning about
Wordpress. They aren't the same thing even though they ARE in a sense

So how do you know? How do you know what a person is interested in?

You get to know them.

And you can't do that if you first pop into the forum, see a big name
and start bombarding him or her with offers when you probably don't
know the first thing about them.

So do some research on the person. If they're a fairly big name, Google
is a great place to start. You're bound to find hundreds if not thousands
of pages on them.

Find out what products they sell. This will give you a GREAT idea what
they're interested in.

THEN, see if you have something that fits that interest.

Now, when you present it, explain why.

For example, here is something you might write to something like me.

"Hey Steve, I know that you're really big on article writing and marketing.
I have this (whatever) that will not only get you more views but also
increase your SE rankings for your articles. I would like to send you a free
copy (or set you up with a free membership)"

This does two things.

1. It helps the person out who you're making the pitch to by improving
his business.

2. It probably gets you a great testimonial if it works.

But this method CAN'T work if you try pitching article writing products to
somebody who uses pay per click and has NO interest in writing articles.

Know your target. Know what his interests are. Know his personality so
you know HOW to approach him.

Some people don't like pushy marketers. Others love them. You have to
know what type of personality your target is and you can usually figure
that out by the way he handles others.

Is HE pushy?

Or is he more laid back?

Does he sell hard, or does he use the soft sell?

Once you get to know the person, you'll know what he responds best to.

So please take these tips to heart. They will GREATLY help you in getting
JVs or just in getting people to accept your gifts.
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    Post this in JV forums too. I always wonder while looking at JV forums. No responses to threads or very few responses. Another excellent post Steve!

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      Another great post as usual...and spot on!

      I would love to help everyone but I can't and neither can most people.
      The people that catch my eye are the subtle ones who have taken the
      time to get to know me..and what I am about.

      I really feel bad when I get requests for reviews of people who are giving this
      IM thing a real go...and I simply can't get too it. But at the end of the day we all have to pay the bills and prioritize.

      It is those people who have been steadily building a relationship with me that I pay attention too. It all takes time and cultivation. You have to cultivate the right crops to reap the right rewards.

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