Experts Please Help: WordPress Bad for SEO?

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I got a case on WordPress for SEO... a really weird case.

Say I planned on targetting 5 long-tail keywords:
"keyword 1", "keyword 2", "keyword 3", "keyword 4", "keyword 5"
My domain name for the WordPress blog is:
and the install was at the domain root:

I put my target keywords two times in the posts, in bold and italics.
I had All-in-One SEO Pack installed and used properly when I posted.
Also there's Smart Update Pinger so I can get my blog post indexed
by Google in a matter of hours. I' wrote 3 articles for directories in
2 weeks period, with the anchor text and link pointing to blog domain root.

In the first few weeks, it was doing OK.
"keyword 1" blog post and blog domain root climbing in the SERPs,
also "keyword 2" to "keyword 5" all climbing to compete to rank on
their own keyword phrase. Eventually, my blog domain root ranks #1 in Google for "keyword 1" and stayed for days.
My other keywords were also doing well: ranked 3 - 17 in Google.

Then something happened...

Not only all my ranks dropped (which is common, as far as I
understand it) but my blog post "keyword 3" is replacing my
already ranked "keyword 1" post and blog domain root SERP.
Now out of all the keywords I'm targetting:
- 3 nowhere to be found in the first 50 positions
- 2 in top 10 for their own respective keyword "keyword 2" and "keyword 3"
- when I search for "keyword 1", instead of my domain name or
my "keyword 1" post... the one that ranked were "keyword 3" post (#15)

How can things like this happen?
How can another keyword post intercepts and outrank the one I actually SEO-ing?
What did I do wrong or less effective in SEO-ing a WP blog post?

Thanks in advanced,

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    Hello Mr. Sandbox!

    This typically happens with brand new domains. Google values fresh content and will move it to the top of the heap for a few days. Then, within a few days, it will drop like a rock to page 138 of results or maybe the whole domain gets deindexed. Then it slowly creeps back up based on the number and authority of links it gets.

    The strategy is to simply build links to the site, with an emphasis on getting high value links, so that when it pops back it will be in a good place and not buried in the Google litter box. Your onsite SEO sounds OK, you just have to do some off-site SEO and do a little waiting for Google to view your site favorably again.
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    It's those articles were the backlins for your site that kept the SERP's - you can read a interesting post here in main discussion about "how you should build your links". Search it and it explains the whole process

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    Ray, welcome to the "Google dance".

    As the other poster said... Your site will continue to bounce around until you have enough authority links pointing to it.

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      Hi Ray

      It sounds like you are doing a lot of things right.

      It's happened to me on many occasions and it tends to come right but the other guys are right you need to keep developing those links that's where your long term strength is going to come from.

      perhaps a good strategy is to look at some of your competitors and see what and who they are linking with and the number of links.

      You can do this by looking at Yahoo! Search - Web Search then type in links:http://competitor url

      You might discover some potential link partners but you will also discover how many links that your competitor sites are using to out rank you.

      I hope this helps


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    I see... Google Sandbox, huh? (I'm new to this SEO stuff...)
    Thanks a lot, mate... I learned a lot from your solid 2 paragraphs.

    Just found and finished reading the thread you mentioned...
    Wow... that should be called "Link Building 101".
    Thanks for pointing that out... very useful resource, indeed!

    Also you two Aaron Moser and earlgreyone... Thank you.

    One question I need to further clarify...
    Do you think it is also this Sandbox thing that made my "keyword 3" post
    intercepts and outranks my optimized "keyword 1" post and domain root
    "" in "keyword 1" SERPs?

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    Since we are talking about backlinks... check out these 2 amazing resources:

    100+ Untapped Link Building Strategies -

    More Great Link Building Tips -

    - Jared


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