To my Former Employer: Thank You for Laying me Off!

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I havent been active on the forum in while, mostly because I have been active in IM and havent had a chance to post. Here is a little story, kick in the butt and inspiration for some of you warriors.

Up until January, I was working a very nice job. I had a great salary, company car, expense account, laptop, cell phone, and an a corporate Amex. I had that job for ten years, and thought I was set.

Along comes January and my manager calls me up and tells me that the company has to let me go. I had no warning or anything. The company was losing money and had to make drastic cuts.

My 1st instinct was to panic. That was the first time I had ever been laid off, and I didnt know what to do. I have a family to take care of, what do I do. Those were my first thoughts.

To prove to you that this is real, I even created a thread on the Warrior Forum the day after I got laid off. And, I was searching for anything to lift my spirits and give me some motivation. Here is the thread:

Then began the job hunting process. Here is the problem. The industry that I was in had reformed the workplace. Now, the industry standard was to hire a lot of part time people for minimum wage and no benefits. This left me out of a job in a career I had spent all those years creating for myself.

I was screwed! I was applying to 40-50 jobs per day on careerbuilder, and getting interviews for jobs that paid half what I was making. The job market in my area, in the professional market was DEAD.

So, what did I do? As luck would have it, I had spent the past couple of years right here on Warrior Forum building a skillset for myself. I was doing affiliate marketing, writing and product creation with success, so I had something to fall back on.

The problem was I had never intended for those things to be my sole income. Those things were my source of play money. On that note: As I was making money last year, I was saving it. I wasnt spending it on TV's and Cameras. I was holding onto the money "just in case." Its a good thing I did. My savings from IM got me through a few months of not having a job. Keep that in mind while you guys are making play money. DONT SPEND IT ALL.

Anyway, I turned to a friend here on the forum; winebuddy. I skyped him and he set me straight. He kicked me in the butt. He reminded me that I was an internet marketer and that this was the best thing that could have happened to me. At the time I was like, "whatever!"

I settled down, created some sites and created some products. My income was soring and so was my confidence. I spent the summer with my son, going to the beach and hanging out!
Then something remarkable happened.

In July, I got a call from a staffing agency that specialized in IT staffing. They were soliciting business and came across a business in my area that need a full time SEO/Internet Marketer. The agency found me by chance via my blog.

It turns out, the staffing agency didnt know anything about SEO, or what it was. They wanted me to write an employment ad for them. Long story short, I interviewed with them. In fact, during the interview I told them what questions to ask me.

So, I got a full time job as an SEO. Now, most of you are working to be self employed, but this is ecommerce and I love ecommerce, so I am very happy doing what I am doing. In fact, I am working a job that I never dreamed possible, doing what I love to do.

It turns out winebuddy was right. Getting laid off was the best thing that could have ever happened to me.

I see threads from people who are in similar situations all the time. The important thing to note is that if you are on this forum you have a specialized set of skills that the general population does not have. You might not think so, but when you step back, what percentage of the population knows what SEO copywriting is or how to do article marketing?

You have the skills to make money. The place where most people mess up is they do not take the time to do things right. Think like a business person. So many people want the easy way of doing things. They want instant money. That isnt the way to be successful.

If you want to be successful in this business, you have to work at it, but it pays off. My life was saved because of internet marketing and the advice given on this board for the past two years.

Learn, test, and test some more. Learn as much as you possibly can. Start making a little money at first and save it. Work toward independance while you still have a full time job. I would work till 1am a lot of days of the week trying to figure this stuff out. I lost a lot of sleep, but look what it did for me in the long run!

Dont give up out there. Take stock of what you know and take action. If you only sit around and read the forums and never take action, you will never make money. Read. Do. Read. Do some more.

For me, it has given me freedom. Even though I elected for a full time job over working strictly for myself, I have been able to travel. I went to a few Auburn games this year where I was able to meet winebuddy face to face. (What are the odds two Auburn fans would be on this board.) Last week, my company paid for me o go to Las Vegas for Pubcon, which was amazing.
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  • I too believe that the best way to dive into IM is not lose your day job (assuming you can deal with the bills) and to give IM a full try. It's amazing what you can achieve in 3 months working full time if you focus.
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    Awesome post Charles. Inspirational and SO true. Not terribly long ago I was forced to leave my life's work due to a physical injury that severely limited my ability to continue. I literally felt as if the world was ending, until I began to knuckle through IM. Like you I had dabbled all along, and like you it was my "play money", but nothing I considered as a career.

    Long story short I am now so much more satisfied with how I make money then I ever was at my old job.
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    Awesome post Charles sometimes god has plans for us we don't even know about. It's funny how things work out sometimes huh?

    I am glad you found something you actually enjoy and are passionate about.
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    Congrats on your job!

    It is really neat how the internet presents so many possiblities. One year I was approached by a major company who saw one of my articles and asked if they could advertise on my site. I turned that request into a very nice part time SEO job. I parlayed that experience into more part time SEO jobs and I started an SEO website. The bulk of my time is spent on my own sites, but the part time side work has been very beneficial.

    There really are lot's of opportunities online.

    Pen Name + 8 eBooks + social media sites 4 SALE - PM me (evergreen beauty niche)

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    Hey Charles, awesome post--thanks for sharing. Inspirational stories like yours are great to see on this wonderful forum! It just goes to show you--all the information you need to succeed online is here. You just need to find which avenue suits you the best and then jump in with both feet.

    I've been on the forum for a while now and it really amazes me how much info there is in here. I have finally come to the point that a lot of you will eventually come too as well. I am taking daily action towards my goal of being a full time internet marketer. I have chosen a plan of action and am growing my knowledge base daily and actually taking action steps that are moving me closer to my goals.

    My day job is definitely not bringing in what it did last year and I am going the way of Charles. Thanks again and congrats on the new job!

    Sincerely, David
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    Congratulations on the job - I can't imagine doing SEO at a business for a living - but hey, if you enjoy it - all the best.
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    Great story! I love when life takes you for a ride like that and you end up somewhere you never would have expected! I have a similar story...had a great job, worked in the industry for 7 years, worked hard to get where I was and actually enjoyed what I did. Then I got laid off during huge cuts, my last day was early 2008, I was working for a pharmaceutical company. Lived off my severance and savings for a while, and decided to move and change things up a bit.

    If I didn't get laid off I would have never of moved and met my current business partner who got me into IM. Now I'm never going back!
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    Great work...and good for you for making it happen.

    Learn, test, and test some more.
    You nailed it right there.

    Test...improve...test...improve...and when you think you have it all figured out...Test again.

    Stay adventurous,
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    Congratulations, Charles. Sometimes life hands you some very unexpected twists and turns, and in your case what seemed like a tragic and sad occurrence turned out to be a blessing indeed, as it forced your somewhat dormant IM skill set to the forefront where it can be utilized far more effectively, both at your present job and also in your IM endeavors!

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    It is a blessing in disguise. Congrats & good luck on your endeavors!
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    Very Inspirational! Thanks for sharing with us. Stories like this can help motivate others, including myself in realizing there is so much out there that we havent explore due to us being complacent. Unfortunately, we need that push (being laid off) in order to find our niche
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    Charles -

    I look forward to more Auburn games, more skype chats, and more IM fun.


    As always - you're the best,

    a side note: While Charles was going through this troubling yet inspiring time in his life, I was at the beach almost every day, doing videos promoting the fact that the oil spill was not in the NW Florida panhandle. The experience netted me a huge offline contract. Charles and I kept in touch almost daily. he would tell me what he was doing and vice versa. he created a fantastic product: Adsense Geyser (which is sold out) and hit a home run. Him and I both knew he had the skills and all I did was urge him on. Way to go Charles!
    "Knowledge is NOT power... ACTION on Knowledge is power"
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  • Thanks for all the responses. And to winebuddy, what a crazy summer it was for both of us!

    Chance favors the prepared mind. A lot of people overlook the mainj part of that phrase. Luck isnt something that just falls in your lap. It is something that you prepare yourself. Then when an opportunity arises, you are in a position to advantage of the situation.

    Did I get lucky? Yes. Did winebuddy get lucky? Yes. But, both of us were prepared for the opportunities when they arose. Had we sat around the forum reading all day and complaining about gurus, without taking action, we would both be worst off today than we were before our chance encounters.
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    Thank you for sharing your story. With the "current situation" of our economy, I guess everyone of us should have something to fall back and not relying to what we have right now. I have been in the situation when the companies lay you off for no reason at all, and our only difference is that I have not been actively participating in IMs and it took me sometime to have a job. But what is important is that I have learned my lesson and do my best.

    Again, thank you for sharing your story. I have been inspired by it and hopefully I can be successful as you are.
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      I guess I should thank my last employer too. Not only did they let me go, but
      they made me train my replacement before they did. LOL.

      How's that for a kick in the teeth?

      Don't regret it a bit. I wouldn't go back to working for a boss if you put a
      gun to my head.
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    Great story. as one door closes another one opens, I have just started a facebook group called 'Give your boss the finger' because an increasing ammount of people are losing what they thought as a secure job. Good to hear it all turned out well in the end.
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