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Is it too daunting of a task for a beginner to start a web site as their 1st endeavor? I’m itching to get rolling but struggling to find my 1st step. Will the learning curve be too severe if I start on a web site right away?
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    It isn't a daunting task for some, for others it is huge. The first time I put up a website I had no Idea what I was doing. Trial and error got me through. I purchased Expression Web and just started going.

    Since this first website, we now outsource this stuff to a professional because time is money and it is important to realize the value of your time versus your money.

    It is a great skill to know a little bit about putting up & building web pages though and I recommend that any internet business owner have the most basic skills at least.

    (If not the most basic skills, I'd recommend to at least be able to properly describe exactly what you need accomplished.)

    Google and Yahoo search engine helped me my first time around.

    Was definitely scary stuff at first.

    I say give it a gander.

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      While "starting a website" is pretty broad, I'd have to say that you should try to keep things as simple as possible. Learning how to build a site, ftp, do graphics design etc can be pretty daunting. I'd suggest a wordpress blog as a good platform to start with instead of trying to build a html site from scratch. These days it's actually pretty difficult for people to differentiate a wordpress blog from an html site... at least the general public, that is.

      You are going to have some frustrations at times as you try to make your first money and being frustrated by the technical aspects of building a site might just make things worse... that's all I mean.

      Good luck and stick around. There's a lot of good info on here...
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    One of the best ways to learn is to jump right in but depends on what you want to do with that website. WordPress is easy enough for most people to learn as they go and lots of tutorials are available online.

    If you're looking to do a storefront or something other than WP it might take a little more experience but I'm sure there are also tutorials available for those things.

    Knowing what you want to accomplish with the site is really step 1 - are you setting up a personal blog, a storefront, an affiliate site, etc...From there, research the best platform and the steps to get started on that platform. There's lots of expertise already documented in this forum and ready to help you along the way.
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    there are lots of free web hostings that offers online tutorials. but your 1st step probably is to think of a good content or topic for your website. I also suggest wordpress since you need not do any coding as beginner since they have this formatted themes already.

    there are others aside from WP, but I believe WP is user friendly and you can really start your 1st website as easy as I did.
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    WordPress cuts the learning curve, DRAMATICALLY...
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    Yeah Wordpress does make things a lot easier. However, I never used it first time around. I used OnePageWebsiteMaker which uses WYSIWYG editing, makes it a lot easier to get the site looking the right way and placing paypal buttons, images, video, flash, etc is easy and covered by simple tutorial videos. The hosting part was a little more complicated to understand at first if memory serves but there are literally tens of thousands of video tutorials and written information advising you how to go about doing this that you should just give it a go. It's a lot easier than you may think. Either that or outsource the work for a few hundred dollars.
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    Just go to youtube.com and type in how to set up a wordpress blog.
    You'll find tons of free videos to create your 1st blog.

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    Or you could to go freelancer.com or elancer.com to hire someone to do it for you.
    Or even go to fiverr.com to find someone to do it for you at $5.

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    Nowadays things have become much easier to get a website going. There are tonnes of videos on the subject and great info here on the forum that will help you out.
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    I would focus on learning Wordpress. Since they have so many great themes it makes designing a site super simple (after you get down how to use Wordpress).
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    It depends on what you really want for yourself. If you want to have a website and not hire someone when you need help then you should start learning HTML, CSS and PHP.

    However, a good idea might be starting a website right away with Wordpress and learn how to do stuffs from Web Design to SEO. Then apply what you've learn to your website.
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    Originally Posted by redstanford View Post

    Is it too daunting of a task for a beginner to start a web site as their 1st endeavor? I'm itching to get rolling but struggling to find my 1st step. Will the learning curve be too severe if I start on a web site right away?
    I don't think so. I'm not a techie person, and when I first started with Wordpress, I knew nothing about it. It's very user-friendly. It only takes a few steps to get everything set up, and once you do that, it's really just a matter of adding content. People make it seem hard, but it's really not -- especially if you are watching a video or something where you can just follow along and pause it and stuff.

    Not only has Wordpress become standard when it comes to blogs and stuff, but it is also commonly used when you're building a PLR store and so on. The thing that a lot of people fail to realize is that when it comes to making real money online, there's a learning curve to every business model. It's not magic -- contrary to how the scammers portray it.

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    No it's not, in fact it is very advisable to set up your personal website first especially those who are looking for online opportunity. Having an online portfolio for me is a good start.
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    Download Chris Farrell's ebook "have your web site up by 3.45 this afternoon"
    I think you can still get it free off his membership site also view the videos
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    Setting up a website, whether with Kompozer for HTML or via Wordpress, will only take a few hours at most.

    It's not too ambitious, it's actually the first thing you should do. In Internet marketing you need something to promote. While you can start here with a WSO, making your own website is a great way to setup a product/content site/service/etc by yourself.
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    As long as you take a bit of time to arm yourself with the basic knowledge needed for IM I don't think the task should be all that daunting. You already have the right attitude. Don't put too much pressure on yourself in the beginning, you will learn as you go and remember that even for so called experts in IM nothing is guaranteed and there is no magic bullet to success. Hard work is the number one thing to have in your arsenal IMO.

    Good Luck!
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    I agree with most of the guys that said "jump in", the best way to learn is studying the basics and start practicing..

    I promote a membership site where you can start from scratch with a One page website, with step-by-step tutorials.. if you would like to use a free software to build websites, jump in into my squeeze page that I have in my signature, and get the free ebook I offer to my subscribers.. but don't worry I am not promoting anything to you, I don't like to do that in forum posts (unethical in my opinion).. just grab the ebook, you will find it very interesting.

    Hope that helps, kind regards!
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    Learning of web design , web development , seo , video marketing ?
    Not yet , everything come to the basic of get a domain name and web hosting .
    You need a basic need of a website , then only need the skill to develop a website , then only need the skill to promote your website.
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    Anyone have any thoughts on the "ready-made" or "websites for sale" forum? There are so many for sale at good prices, but how effective are they? Has anyone had any experience with any of the vendors and would you have any recommendations on any particular ones?

    Thanks for your responses,
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