Gotta LOVE WordPress. Ranked # 3 in less than 5 minutes, doing nothing fancy.

by MarkR
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I'm always amazed at how cool WordPress is and the big G's love for it.

Tonight, I posted two posts on a blog, and got my post indexed, and ranked # 3 in 5 minutes! I did it earlier tonight in less than 13 minutes with another post.

Yes, I know the rank will jump around for a couple weeks. Yes, the keyword is a local keyword - "keyword cityname" type of keyword which is easy to rank for. But the ranking is not the point, it's the indexing speed. I'm impressed that G found them in 13 and 5 minutes or less and ranked them. I didn't do anything fancy other than All in One SEO plugin configuration and default Pingomatic. That's it!
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