Is information overload an illness?

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I heard a new term on the net recently - "information overload". Wow, I think I have that disease... I have spent too much time and too much money looking at a host of different opportunities, and nothing sticks! Down to the problem, even if I find something I like, getting visitors seems to be an ultimate nightmare for a newbie like me. I would love some advice on the pro's and con's of free advertising vs paid advertising. Hell, tips on advertising in general would be great!!

I think I found a great website to promote, just need help getting people to sign up!
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    Information overload is an illness of a democratic society in general.

    If you want to look at things from the social-political point of view, a communist society tends to censor information to a minimum, while in a democratic one censorship is done through an abundance of info, from which people don't know what to choose.

    The effect is an apparent freedom of speech, but the major downside of nobody listening.

    While information overload in internet marketing is generally bad - you may find this surprising, but I think a newbie SHOULD be exposed to this in the beginning of his journey; it's the only way to start separating things and understanding them.
    So take your time, browse through the forum, it won't do you any harm.

    Before spending any money, think twice and see who's selling and what's the general opinion of that person.
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      Information Overload is a massive problem particularly when first starting out in IM, as Flavius suggests I think as a newbie it's great to get out their and read as much as you can, use this forum to gain knowledge and inspiration into the wonderful variety of ways to make money on the internet and to establish what method appeals most to you.

      There comes a point though where you have to just knuckle down, choose a method and just work and work at it, too many newbies get caught up in shiny product syndrome and bounce from one product to the next hoping one of them contains a magic bullet. I was speaking to a friend who is a professional magician recently and he stated that a lot of newcomers get fascinated by magic and purchase tricks just to see the method behind them, very few will actually spend the countless amounts of hours needed practising slights over and over until they've mastered the trick.

      It's the same in this business, ultimately you can have every method under the sun on your hard drive but you're not going to make any money or really learn how this all works until you take action and work your butt off.

      Good luck.

      Everything you need to know about making money with CPA!!

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    Hi Jenny,

    I have just hit this point myself!

    So much info, so little time

    Decided now that I will just choose a couple of projects and force myself to knuckle down and DO something productive everyday.

    Looking good so far........

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    Eventually you run out of good sources of information and just stop looking. You find some blogs you like and just check back once in a while and spend the rest of the time working.

    I'm an information addict and I can't find good information on IM besides Grizz, Ben, Lis Sower Butts, Splork, etc.
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      I think every person who starts trying to make money online goes through this.

      I started learning IM 6 years ago and I still find myself being sucked in at times and then I have to pull myself out and focus.

      I think the best thing to do is start with a couple different advertising methods or whatever you can handle and track your results. After you find a few that work, it's just a matter of consistancy.

      Both free methods and paid work, although you will usually find that free methods will take more time to manage.
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    Originally Posted by jennyd79 View Post

    I heard a new term on the net recently - "information overload". Wow, I think I have that disease...

    Since there seems to be a mental health diagnosis for about everything else, give the American Psychiatry Association time and I'm sure they will officially diagnose us with it. In the mean time, rock on information overload! :rolleyes:


    It's not enough to want it... you have to want it enough.

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    The human mind can't handle that hugh amount of information. So some people begin to suffer from mental disorders. Many famous psycologist, say that many patients with bipolar disorder, get worse when the watch the new and generally television. This is going to happen to the internet audience too. Good luck to all the new generations.
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      Yes it is. Information overload is a terminal illness for most newbie Internet Marketers and even for some intermediate ones. It is an illness whose virus is generated by some other Internet Marketers, but as a part of being competitive and knowing only 1 niche to work in, namely Internet Marketing.

      Symptom of the illness: The patient does not work (take action) much, or does not work at all. Patient keeps reading till s/he experiences a tremendous flash of retinal irritation in his/her eyes. Patient may go frenzy and mentally upset, even disbalanced at times. Some patients will take the route to create more information and become a virus generator rather than a victim, but most would loop into more information overload till they move out of business, either hopeless or clueless.

      Remedy: Solid kicks can curet this problem. The kick can be given by economy and/or other realities. A big kick is needed for intermediates. A small to medium kick may work well for newbies.
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    Information Overload can be considered an illness when it is combined with "analysis paralysis" and a general lack of action. To overcome this (sometimes) long term illness you need to

    1. Find a business model that you understand
    2. Take action on that business model - get it started, get something started, get something online, basically DO something
    3. Focus on that business model until you get some results - don't have all in the information you need? No problems - do some focused searching on forums like this for free help for the issues you are facing
    4. Have your first success - dance around and celebrate to the max - even if you have only made a dollar
    5. Do it again

    Best of luck
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    Forget about "Information Overload" or running after
    the next "Shining Object" that comes in your email.
    People were doing the same some years ago with "Mail Order".
    Want to stop information overload ?
    Choose a product. Make sure it's a good product. Check around.
    Get to work and don't do anything else until you make one dollar
    with it. If you really find out it's not possible to make money, you
    may look for an other product.
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    information overload is really a disease.which i believe many has suffered from one time or another.
    information overload [IO] is a term meaning either you are having too much information to decide on issue or you remain inform about a topic.this could arise through digging through a large amount of historic information,and a new information being added. causing at times, contradiction on available info.

    according to a recent article published by a scientist he posited that when an individual is exposed to information overload within his enviroment it will result to lower IQ compared to exposing such individual to marijuana. although their are some few who contested this theory.

    this is one of the problems of the information age.this problem are specially pronounced,considering the sheer amount of disinformation that is distributed freely .

    one just has to be careful the sort of information digested. taking many paths at once to see which has the most profit potential si something newbie's end up doing

    my advise:find a mentor to take you by the hand and show you the first free information to consume on the internet, focusing on a niche at a time.
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    Choose a product. Make sure it's a good product. Check around.
    Get to work and don't do anything else until you make one dollar
    with it. If you really find out it's not possible to make money, you
    may look for an other product.
    Meharis hit the nail on the head. People like to throw around terms like "information overload" and "analysis paralysis," but the real problem is lack of focus.

    Granted, it can be very easy to feel overwhelmed with the endless amount of WSO's and other products claiming to be THE key to making money online. You want to pick the right one.

    But is there a right one?

    Not at all. Bottom line is most of the WSO's you find on this site WILL make you money if put into action. The key is simply choosing one product (eeny, meeny, miny, moe if you have to ) and sticking with it. Stay completely focused and committed to one method for at least a month or two.

    If you put in the work for an extended period of time and still see little to no results, then go ahead and move on to something else.

    Bottom line, if you want to beat information overload, just get focused.
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    Yeah I think it is. Information overload can leave you stunned and freezing in the cold. What I must suggest to the newbies is get a system (well oh, dont pay for it) then follow. Work on it and dont stop until you succeed. Once you do that you will forget that you are a newbie and you will start acting like a true internet marketer.

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    Your absolutely right. Information overload is another way of diverting your mind away from what is important when working towards a definite goal.

    There are so many programme out there in cyberspace. The best way I have found for my success is to stick to one programme.

    A simple step by step process from start to finish when creating a web business does wonders. Simple basic videos and watching over the should of the teacher works well.

    1. Create the engine(website)
    2. Turn the key on(marketing)

    Here are some ideas for traffic generation.

    1. Search engines
    2. Classified Ads
    3. Article writing( ezinearticles)
    4. Newsletters
    5. Forums
    6. Online giveaways
    7. Video marketing

    I can go on and on but I better be careful not to go into 'Information Overload'
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