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can someone point me to a resourse that can explain how to optimize a blog for my content ( per niche)

Should I have a static landing page?
Advice on the opt in forum

what pages to include



perhaps a quality outsource who can set things up for me

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    Hey CPA, hit me up with a Private Message and I will send you a link to a video that covers it all...

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    That's a VERY difficult question to answer without more information. There is no all-in-one solution.

    What's the niche?
    What are you goals?

    The fact that you mentioned a forum means that you want to build a community around a niche? Is that what you want to do or are you just wondering if that would be a good way for you to reach your goal? i.e. Make money.
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    I am intent on building a niche around a "pen name" and common products for that niche.

    I will use the blog to post my content and once indexed, I will then submit to the directories

    I will build lists in each niche and create an ar sequence
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    brian, I am new here and as such I am under 50 posts, so I can't pm you

    can you email it to me?
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      Don't think you can build a niche around a pen name (pseudo name) unless you're a celebrity like Madonna or Prince. I'm assuming you mean you're attempting to become an authority (under your pen name) in a particular niche.


      On a very basic level I can tell you this, you need to understand how keywords can affect your site's SEO. This topic alone covers a number of areas.
      • How to add keywords to your content
      • Domain name selection
      • Site keyword categories

      ...just to name a few.

      To get a better understanding of this just do some research. The picture will become clear to you soon enough. Do a few searches on this forum. There's a lot of information on this topic here.
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