Could my Wordpress theme be to blame?

by ellush
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I have 4 sites using a specific theme (Flexibility 2) and have recently thrown a lot of backlinks, articles and comments at these sites, especially one site which I had high hopes for.

This site did originally land on page 2 a few months back but has since disappeared (but is indexed) from the first 10 pages. As is the same for the other 3 sites, all using the same theme.

I would be ready to listen to arguments about the Google dance, but I have other sites on different themes that have had no such problems, with steady first page results.

Could it be the theme that is causing these sites not to rank? Perhaps Google just doesn't like a line of code embedded deep in its bowels? Or am I just shooting in the dark and should be sent mumbling off into the sunset about some Google jigg or other...?
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    Maybe those sites are targetting highly competitive keywords?
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      Not particularly high. The first page of G has some very easy PR0s and n/as that we should be beating...
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    There is nothing wrong with the theme. Its just the competition for those keywords. If you did a ton of building at first and didn't keep it up that could easily be the reason for jumping so high and then falling.

    If you don't have Market Samurai I highly suggest picking it up. You get a free trial if you opt-in and even if you don't buy after the trial you still get to use a limited version of the software. You can keep track of all your sites and MS can search as deep as 1000 results for your sites.

    Its just a one-time payment and one of the best investments I made in IM. There are so many other features as well. Give it a shot.
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      I have MS but only use it for keyword research and domains. How do I keep track of my sites with it?

      The keywords I'm going for are not that competitive. What's more puzzling is other sites I have (using other templates) are targeting more competitive keywords and actually doing OK (generally first page of G).

      I guess I'm going to go for a change in template and see what happens. Because that's what it's all about, right, testing what works and what doesn't?
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        Originally Posted by ellush View Post

        I guess I'm going to go for a change in template and see what happens. Because that's what it's all about, right, testing what works and what doesn't?
        You just "took the words out of my mouth" (or should that be "away from my finger tips")

        Test it and don't forget to report back if changing the template makes a difference.
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    If you have Thesis (which is well known for being SEO friendly), I'd suggest testing out your site with that theme installed to see if it makes any difference.

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    OK, theme has been changed to the Wordpress default Twenty Ten theme. I added a nice header image, and background image, so let's see what happens! Will repost here if I see any immediate changes.
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