I own domain.com & .net- what to do with the .net ?

by Plato
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Hi there,

I found a nice keydomain and registered the .com & .net. The website is at .com, but now I m wondering if there is any chance to get some benefit from the .net as well .. (i dont want to sell it)

What would you suggest ?

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    I always redirect the .net using a 301 redirect to the .com site if I'm not using the .net for content. I'll buy the .net if I like the domain name just as a defensive move.

    You could also use it as a blog if the .com is your product name.

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    If I were you, I'd set up a free forum related to your niche. Takes little time to promote it, but at the end of couple of years you can get good posts in it and activity.
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    Sometimes I'll use the .net for a separate affiliate program. So my main affiliate program will be on the main site (.com) then I'll create another landing page on the .net and sell my product there as well (through a 2nd affiliate program like Clickbank).
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    I always just do a redirect however you might find some benefit from throwing up an autoblog.

    A basic autoblog can be set up fairly quickly and easily.
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      Hi there,

      first of all thanks very much for your suggestions !

      @Bill Farnham : would it also work by just pointing the .net to the .com simply with an a-record in the dns settings ?

      @ rcian & Ryan Even & Doug Slaton:
      Unfortunately, in the western european countrys you have to register a domain with your clear name, so big G will figure that the same person owns a com. & .net domain... i presume G. would not rank the .net when you are already ranking the .com . Also you have to have a private policy with your real name on the website.. : /
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    use it.

    redirecting it isn't going to do you any good so put that .net to work.

    I have no idea what your site is but you're already creating content for one. Give it a spin and get double your return.

    I'm all about that bass.

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