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Akismet has really done it - they managed to make us all depend of their service and relying on it by simply having to fill out a form and get a FREE api key. Now, a year or two later, they monetize this to the maximum and charge a reasonable $50 a month for multiple blogs.

nice - Great marketing strategy - I admit it and understand it; they want to make money, so they are making way for a new plugin creator that's willing to offer the service for free.

Well, I was recently confronted with this issue so I went to find a free solution; so I found two of them and thought I should share them with my fellow Warriors:

WordPress › Anti-Captcha « WordPress Plugins
WordPress › TypePad AntiSpam for WordPress « WordPress Plugins

(well, one of these requires a .. guess what FREE API key) - but that's the way this world spins.
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    Thanks for the resources.. Initially I thought you were the one seeking for them... :-)

    If others know of other free alternatives, please let us know here.

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    Thanks for the tips. I was looking for alternatives for them.
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      I just set up a new blog two days ago with Akismet and no sign of a charge.


      Edited to add: After reviewing their TOS and looking through their FAQ, I can't tell if this affects those who already have an API key from Wordpress.com so I emailed them to ask. When they get back to me, I'll update here. Maybe this new pricing only affects those who are not using Wordpress? Or perhaps the free users are grandfathered in.
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        I use SI CAPTCHA anti-spam. I got rid of Akismet not because they charge but I had too much spam to moderate. With SI CAPTCHA anti-spam, I don't have any now.

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          Got a response to my email and yup, we're supposed to be paying. Guess I'll try one or two of the other plug-ins and see which I like best. It's not worth it to me to pay for a solution right now, especially since I hear that other plug-ins work pretty well.


          The current plans apply to everyone, with a very few exceptions for non-profits that we grandfathered in. The new sign up form walks you through the process of lining you up with the right account - http://akismet.com/signup/

          If you use the same contact info (email, etc) then our system should pick that up and associate the account with your existing key.
          Discover how to have fabulous, engaging content with
          Fast & Easy Content Creation
          ***Especially if you don't have enough time, money, or just plain HATE writing***
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    flavius333 Thank you very much answerd one of those nagging questions that I hadn't got around to, good man!

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    As of a few days ago, you could still get 1 API key per website for free. I've been creating a single email address for each new website I make, and getting a single free API key.
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    mkpoway and Piper Anderson

    https://akismet.com/signup/ - in the right, it says pretty clear:

    "Free account

    If your site is for a business, or if it promotes a product or service, you should pick from one of our paid account options. "

    I seriously doubt that you only have "personal blogs"

    That's why I needed an alternative.. Because I want to operate 100% legal AND ethical..
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    I use this one:

    WP-SpamFree WordPress Spam Plugin - Powerful Anti-Spam Protection!

    It also gives you a nice contact form

    Unfortunately you can't find it when inside wordpress searching for a plugin - you will need to download it from the site then upload it into wordpress - but it will install automatically from the zip file.

    Hope that helps

    I like to keep an open mind, but not so open that my brains fall out

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    I used Defensio & has worked for me till now...
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    I use the WP Captcha-Free plugin on all my sites. It works very well.

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