Help please with W.Press!

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Hi all,

Ive downloaded a wordpress template for my new site, but for some reason it's 'doubling up' on the boxes. i.e. 2 of everthing.

Can anyone help as I have no idea what Im even looking for to resolve!

Thank you!
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    Well, we have no idea either...

    1. WordPress has an excellent support forum for technical questions.

    2. Asking vague questions results in vague answers.

    3. Not naming the theme, not giving a chance to see its behavour... you want people to get psychic abilities and guess your problems.

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    Try changing the theme to see if the problem is with the theme that you're using, or your WordPress installation in general.

    Either way, it's quite difficult to help you without seeing what I'm talking about here.
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    Originally Posted by LD Carter View Post

    When you say boxes, are you referring to the widget boxes?

    Thank you, yes its the search box and the box with all the links, it's on thelawstudentonline

    Im sorry if I sound vague, I'm very new at this so don't mean to sound unhelpful!
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      Hi yes it was a free layout, I didn't do anything to it so I think I will do as loyski suggests and just use another theme! thank you all for your help though!
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    Don't know what's the problem. Are you using widgets? Maybe you should use another theme.
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    If they are stacking like this:

    Widget 1
    Widget 2
    Widget 3
    Widget 1
    Widget 2
    Widget 3

    Probably doubled up sidebar function calls; check your themes sidebar.php file!

    Widget 1
    Widget 1
    Widget 2
    Widget 2

    Then you've got doubled up widget calls; something funky's up with your widgets in Appearance -> widgets.
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      Hi, yep I checked that as that was my first thought but no that doesn't appear to be the problem as there are no apparant duplicates. Thank you though!
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