What is a good voice recording software?

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Hi warriors,

I would like to know what is a decent voice recording software to make audio books and such.

If it has some features to edit the audio and make the voice sound clearer and reduce background noises, it would be awesome.

Thank you!

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    Audacity is really good, and it's free.
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    Camtasia is also good for recording narration and removing noise if you already own it. If not, just go with Audacity as Mick stated above. For really good sound it's more about the mic than the software.
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      Originally Posted by John Piteo View Post

      For really good sound it's more about the mic than the software.
      Spot on. You won't have to remove the background noise if you don't capture it in the first place.
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    I do suggest Audacity like the two mentioned above.... but for me, Adobe Audition is absolute king. I'm in the radio biz, so this is right up my alley. And yes, the mic you use will greatly affect the quality of your recording.
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      I like Audacity too. It's easy to use and the filters are great for removing background noise. Oh, and it's free. God, I love the internet.
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    I use Dragon Naturally its brilliant I did a guest blog post for Lynn Terry its here

    Dragon Naturally Speaking Review by Daniel Cutts – Creating Web Content By Voice

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    Even though it was recommended already I still have the
    audacity to recommend it also. Also check out the
    EDIROL UA-25 for sound capturing--it's great!

    -Ray Edwards
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    Audacity is good and easy to use... Plus its FREEEE !!!
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    Reading what the other warriors suggested, I might have another option for you. In my opinion, Adobe Audition is the best. If you don't have money to buy such a software , you can try the trial version. Adobe has a trial version of 30 days for all it's products, and I think it may help you a lot. This software can accomplish a lot of cool stuff, including your request of voice editing. Good luck!
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    Originally Posted by FrankieTP2 View Post

    I would like to know what is a decent voice recording software to make audio books and such.
    Frankie, I forgot to ask.... Are you using a Mac? If so, GarageBand's a good alternative to Audacity, and it ships with Macs.
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    Thank you for your advices!

    I am going to test audacity and see how it works. I have camtasia but I dont like how my voice sounds after applying some of its noise reduction features.

    Thank you all!

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      You shouldn't get too much noise if you make sure you position yourself away from the PC box or if using a laptop take the mains plug out and run off the battery.

      I use Adobe Captivate which is a great tool and often gets overlooked and I use Audacity for Premium rate information calls - quite basic but does the job

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    Audacity has always worked well for me. If all you're really wanting to record is speech, then it'll do just fine. It does have some noise reduction features built in, but I haven't played around much with it.

    Edit: If you're looking for noise reduction, I think you'd get better results eliminating it at the source with a good USB microphone, like the Blue Yeti - http://www.bluemic.com/yeti/
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    If you haven't got a decent mic, but you're on a budget, I can highly recommend the Samson GoMic.

    Its quality, features, size, and price make it an unbeatable little package.

    All the best.

    — Melanie (RD)

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    I use audacity and a couple of de-essing VST plugins. You should also make sure you have a really good microphone. I use a Blue Snowball and it works great.
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    I agree with those who use Audacity. Its a great program and you can't beat FREE!!!
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    audacity is free and really easy for the newbie to use.
    You can convert the files to wav / MP3

    Camtasia is also good but not free

    Ian M
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    Hi, I have used Audacity (Free) several times but I also use a program called Total Recorder ( Sound recording tools: Total Recorder - captures any audio from the Internet, records audio from CD, microphone, line-in, converts any sound formats to WAVE and MP3 ) that I've been using for years. I started out with their standard edition for $18.00 and moved up to the profession version ears later.

    I like audacity especially if I'm sharing with someone how they can get a sound good recorder for free. But I find myself using Total Recorder more often, the cool thing is they keep giving you free upgrades so I'm sure that has a little bit to do with my loyalty as well. Hope that helps.
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