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I'm trying to understand affiliate marketing. I understand how it works and the mechanics of it all, But somethings just not clicking.

If i want to promote a clickbank product, what type of site is built for this.

Do I build a wordpress blog about the general niche, and add the product banners around it?, and just add relevant information.

To me it seems like too much content would be needed and constant updates would be needed to be done, is that right?.

Do i build a html site with a few keyword optimized articles about the general niche, with the product banners around it?..

and just promote the heck out of it?..

or does the website have to be about the actual product?...

somehow confused.
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    Hence the fact most people do not make money, do this right and you will make money

    The best thing to do to is make a niche specific site or broader not product specific e.g. dog site or dog training not dogtraining product site.

    There is no easy shortcut for money on clickbank no matter what the ebooks say for good consistent money on clickbank Have an authority site that collects emails and you can make good money.

    I have made a little money on clickbank but nothing like what is possible if done properly... so take my advice from someone who knows what to do but is not doing it herself ...yet.

    Originally Posted by vApor View Post

    To me it seems like too much content would be needed and constant updates would be needed to be done, is that right?.
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      I have html sites and Wordpress sites and Wordpress is by far the easiest to promote. I agree with Cathy above, there is no shortcut. My experience is to sell Clickbank products through list building and then selling to your list. I have found that Amazon products are best sold through a site that has content. Amazon products are normally much lower in commission unless you are selling high ticket products.

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    The great thing about the Internet is usually there are multiple solutions to any marketing challenge.

    A quick down and dirty way to do what you want is to do a review page of the product. This page can be HTML, a blog page, a Squidoo page, Hub page or just about any other page that allows affiliate links.

    Best practices suggest a domain name with the keywords in the name then setting up a WordPress blog and posting the review. Now you have to get some traffic either paid or organic.

    If you go after organic traffic you'll need to push your review page to the top of the search engine results. Pushing the page up will take backlinks to your review page. You can get backlinks by posting articles all over the net or videos or just outsource the backlinking.
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    You could do a simple HTML site, but WordPress offers just so much more in terms of versatility. It's so versatile. It gives you the complete freedom to design your website to look like anything you want. You could even do a little review type site out of WordPress.

    As for your question, either of them would do. I would go for the WordPress site though...
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      I also agree with DJ and some other warriors, yes there is not a single straight path in IM which can be taught to newbies like you.

      Yes this creates confusion in newbies mind but IM is so much diversified field that we couldn't tell a one specific path.

      For newbies I also always suggest to start with free things like free blog and after understanding of these things go for spending money on like outsourcing content writing, back-linking, niche related site creation etc. etc.
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    Great Question vApor and one many new marketers have when they get started. The truth is there are a number of ways to promote an item as an affiliate and new ways get thought up everyday. While some use wordpress or static sites, others may not have a site at all and will simply promote through a list. Others may promote strictly through the Social Networks like Facebook and Twitter while other still use Squidoo lenses or CPC. It is really hard to say there is one solid way that works.

    I think the best way for a beginner to learn is by utilizing the free tools such as free blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. Or, you can start building a list through a giveaway and then market strictly to your list. I would say try one model and see how you like it. If you don't, trash it and try the next.

    I have seen many affiliates successfully work with a 10 page wordpress blog which they never update. They just set it and forget it. Then they repeat the process. So, as far as having to always update content, that may not be an issue. Especially if you have a really great niche.

    I wish you much success! Whatever you don't don't give up. Just keep trying until you get it!

    Deirdre J. Baker
    CEO - Superior Business Management Solutions, LLC
    Support Services for Small Biz and Entrepreneurs

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    Do some research on this site. There is a tremendous amount of information here showing you how to promote affiliate products.

    If you go the blog route one option would be to create a review site, another option would be to create content that presells your affiliate product then link to the product's squeeze page.

    There are a few schools of thought regarding this but based on the experience of a number of WF members, myself included, constant site updates are not needed; three or four good articles per site/product should be fine. What is important though, is that you build a site that takes full advantage of both onsite and offsite SEO methods.
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    Also, keep in mind you could always buy traffic (ppc, ppv, social, etc) once you know your site converts;
    As for content, you could always get others to write them for you at later stages as well .. I think the hardest is when you are starting out writing content, getting traffic to your site.
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