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anyone getting high number of them but no sales?

This month i have got 21 order form impressions but no sales...I think there is something wrong dont you think? Or maybe not? But i've had a few comments of people telling me that they can't buy through my links. So if I understand well, the customer goes to the order form but doesnt order so that gets coutned as a failed sale right?
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    Can't say about the order form impressions, but I've got the feeling that their tracking has been a little buggy lately. The number of hops that I see on ClickBank has been steadily less than the visits to my redirect page, as reported by Google Analytics.

    I guess it wouldn't be too much to assume that their analytic system is just not the best one out there.
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    Originally Posted by NY1 View Post

    Every time I have contacted them (CB) they either don't respond at all, or say that nothing is wrong.
    Unfortunately this is an absolutely standard Clickbank policy.

    I picture them orienting their new employees on their first day of work: "Now repeat the "mantra" after me, loud and clear, 'Whatever has happened, whatever has gone wrong - nothing is ever our fault'."

    And it's so short-sighted of them, because many people are actually aware that affiliate-tracking isn't always easy, and isn't always reliable, and would be so much more understanding, patient, tolerant and reasonable if only they dropped the offensive attitude now and again (or even replied reasonably efficiently to emails and support requests from their affiliates).
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    Originally Posted by NY1 View Post

    Having a lot of order impressions does not necessarily mean something is wrong with CB.

    Having a lot of submits that don't go through is an indicator though.
    What if you have both... lots of order form impressions AND order form submits but few sales? That's what I'm looking at right now over the past 14 days with the past two days being the worst.

    Over 14 days the actual sales are about half of what the order form submits are with 0 successful sales over the past two days.

    Go figure :rolleyes:
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    All is normal for me... But most people that make it to the order form don't normally buy. That is common, and not just with Clickbank (but at least they provide the stats).
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      Originally Posted by Ryan Even View Post

      All is normal for me... But most people that make it to the order form don't normally buy. That is common, and not just with Clickbank (but at least they provide the stats).
      Everything would be right about on par for me also if the order form SUBMITS was close to or equal to the intial sales count which is supposed to be what your sales are. I've also had incident of having sales show up in my intial sales amount on the analytics page and NOT show up on my transactions page. An inquiry to CB got me nowhere on that one also... the sale didn't count... FML!
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    I also do not understand what is going on here as well....... Todays stats 39 order form submits.... 2 sales???? WTF??? It is impossible that it is this way anyone else experiencing these problems???? Any solutions???

    Thanks,,,The Nut
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      Only 1/3 of my order form submits are resulting in actual sales... and the gap keeps widening.

      My stats are like 197 order form impressions, 52 order form submits, 17 initial sales.
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    Same problem here. I'll update this thread with their responses, but so far no good. The names have have been changed to protect the incoherent.
    Hello, Clickbank;
    My order form submits converted to sales at 73% in August.
    My order form submits converted to sales at 74% in September.
    My order form submits converted to sales at 79% in October.
    This month they are only converting at 42%.
    This week they are only converting at 23%!
    Could it be that most credit cards have gone bad in November?
    Or do I have a problem?
    This is hurting my sales badly.
    Please help.
    Thank you for your time.
    CBCSR(name removed): CLOSED: 2010-11-24 09:49:38 AM

    Hello name removed,

    The "Hops per order" ratio depends on several factors. These factors include such variables as market demand for the product being sold, the advertising methods employed by the affiliate, the amount of advertising being done by the affiliate, the buying habits of the target market, as well as a myriad of other factors - some of which you have control over and some that are out of your control.

    Generating a sale can, therefore, take anywhere from a few dozen Hops to several hundred or even a thousand Hops. Different products convert differently and the success of each affiliate varies.

    For more ideas on ways to track your promotions, please see the following article:

    Thank you,
    name removed -- note his signature misspells his company
    ClickBank.com Client Services
    USER(USER): REOPENED: 2010-11-24 10:23:41 AM

    Please re-read my question.
    I am not talking about hops per order. I am talking about people who submitted the order form, but the sale was not approved -- generally due to a declined credit card.
    Please have someone else review this matter.
    Thank you.

    Please keep this thread going. It will get noticed if we do.


    Sparky's Dad
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