How to Find Traffic of a Niche/Market? PLEASE Help!

by momo3
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This is sort of a basic question, but I am still confused.

Imagine I am going into the Dog walking business niche, and I am curious to what kind of traffic I will get if am able to rank #1 on Google.

So I go to google adwords keyword tool and type in: Dog walking business.

I now see that Dog Walking Business gets 5400 Global Monthly Searches, and 3600 Local searches.

I also realize that the #1 position gets about 40% of the clicks.

So that means I should get 3600*.40 = 1440 clicks per month.


If so, I have one more BIG question:

Dog walking Business is a BROAD term right? Most people are actually NOT searching for Dog walking business, but instead typing things such as:

how to start a dog walking business
start a business in dog walking
how my friend can start dog walking for a business
etc. etc. etc.

I realize my site will rank for these also, but will it likely rank #1 for these too?

I assume only will if I have the terms friend, start, etc. IN the content.

So to sum it up, I still have hard time estimating the potential traffic in a niche......

Any tips?
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    As far as keyword research goes, I would suggest that you pay attention to the [exact] results returned by the AdWords keyword tool and not the traffic returned for a broad search term.

    If you rank for a broad term like "dog walking business", it is not necessary and in fact highly improbable that you'll rank #1 for other subsidiary keywords including your broad search term.
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    What a bummer, considering I just ponied up some major cash to rank for some big terms.
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    So how would you (or others reading this) go about dominating a niche? Is there a place where I can read a step-by-step plan?

    Assume one would have the cash to SEO anything. How would you do it?
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    Great info.Thanks.
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