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I am building my niche site. I want to do some affiliate stuff and am wondering if it is crazy to sell Clickbank or CJ and Amazon products on the same site.

I am also writing my own product to be sold when I finish it.

My thought is...there are products relevant to my site but in different formats.

Obviously I am new at this.

Any help would be great.
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    Good question. Many will tell you that a good website is intentionally designed to steer the visitor to take just one action. You decide what action you want them to take. Do you want them to buy a clickbank product? Click on a Amazon ad? Other? The obvious choice is the one with the highest payout to you, but be sure it converts well and is relevant to your audience. You should strongly consider the action for them to take to be getting them to sign up to your list. Then you can promote every relevant product in e-mails over time. This is probably the best option. It's not instant gratification, but will pay off better in the long run. Get them to take just ONE action.
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    Don't promote many products. This will only confuse your visitor. Find a product, what converts best and is good and promote that. If you want to promote something else, or some other niche, build another site.

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      Originally Posted by Margo24 View Post

      Find a product, what converts best and is good and promote that. If you want to promote something else, or some other niche, build another site.
      That is a very well advice, you really need something a very good product you have that will be very effective to the taste or likes of the people in the market. Promote those products which are being crowded in the market, then after that you can start promoting more other products that you have. step by step.
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    Only have one call to action on one page (either sell 1 product or go for the lead, etc.). You can sell other offers on other pages or later in the process.
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    i agree with those saying a lot of products will not bring too much of luck.
    stick to the best and focus on that. (but first make sure it converts well)
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    I have also heard that too many products on a page will not bring good success.Its better to stick with one product and maybe a lead to the rest. Check how well the item converts and all before proceeding.You want a good product to expose to the buyers.
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    There is one way that adding more than one product to a site can be effective...

    Make it a review site.

    Put to competing products up on the same site and review them both (honestly). If done right, the visitor will feel less sold to and more informed. Whichever product they decided on you'll get paid, as you're an affiliate for both.
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    I can only agree with what has already been said. If you have a pure sales site, it can be confusing to the customer to promote too many products. The best plan of action is to stick to the best one and make sure it converts well. The idea of using a review site to promote a range of offers is a good way to promote several offers without confusing the customer, people know what to expect on a review site.
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