Quick (but vital) Question About Google Suggestions. Thx! :)

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Hi guys,

I'm having doubts right now about something.

When you type a keyword in google, you get some suggestions based on what other people type. Right. So I've been thinking about targeting some of these keywords but then when I checked the search volume of some of them, it sometimes equals 0. Nada. And I just don't get it. If the suggestions are based on highly searched terms, how can that be that some of them return no search volume at all?

Of course, most importantly, despite a 0 search volume according to the google keyword tool, are these suggestions worth targeting?

Thanks in advance for your input about this.

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    no, unless the keywords are pretty new (f.e vuvuzela during the world championship). But you should go for any keyword with 3k to 10k searches / month and low competitions
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    I don't think Google's "number of searches" data is always completely accurate (in fact, I know it's not) ... and given that a lot of phrases are trend-based or "time-sensitive", it's possible that search phrases which were popular in previous months (and thus still included in Google's autocomplete / suggestions tool) are seldom used (if at all) by searchers anymore.

    This is what Google has to say about how they determine these phrases:

    Queries in autocomplete are algorithmically determined based on a number of objective factors (including search term popularity) without manual intervention.
    So given that, it seems possible, I guess, that they're not strictly determined to be popular solely by the number of people searching for them - but also, perhaps, by other factors, such as the number of web pages that include those phrases among their content (even if they're never actually searched for by people anymore). :confused:
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    Thanks guys! You make a point Michael, thank you, it clears things up! I think I'll stick to the google keyword tool numbers as TallyDon suggests, especially as I'm not targeting seasonal or trendy stuff. It's safer.

    If other people want to add their 2 cents about this, please do so.

    P.S. always glad to see how fast people reply in this forum.
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